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Space programme UAE have already received more than 3,000 applications from volunteers

Last year the authorities of the United Arab Emirates has announced the launch of a private space program. The goal then was a very widely – from sending the usual probe beyond the Earth to Mars race with Elon Musk. But in a recent interview, Salim Humaid Almarri, assistant Director-General for science and technology at […]

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Thermal cavity to generate electricity from the daily temperature changes

Energy surrounds us literally from all sides. The question is, how to get it. A team of Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) have developed a device with a thermal resonator, with which you can extract electricity from the ambient air using the daily temperature changes. Experiments with temperature variations as a source of energy are […]

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The Pentagon intends to purchase services to launch small satellites into earth orbit

According to the draft Federal budget of the United States in 2019, under spending on the BBC has a new article “the Program of launching missile systems.” Its aim is a new programme launch small satellites into low geostationary orbit. In this article, has spent 47.6 million dollars, and given the fact that the program […]

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Can the Chinese air force in the near future to compete with the West

Fighter J-31 In the latest issue of the popular British weekly The Economist published an unexpectedly bold statement about the fact that soon China will create a force that will compete with the leading Western powers, and in some ways even surpass them. However, despite the fact that over the past two decades, the air […]

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Scientists can’t reproduce the studies AI, and this is a serious problem

At a recent meeting of the Association for the advancement of artificial intelligence (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence) scientist odd Erik Gundersen introduced the report, the essence of which – the industry is painting itself into a dangerous stalemate. It turns out that most of the existing AI do not support the fundamental […]

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Raptor AR glasses will give cyclists the technology of the helmets of fighter pilots

The company Everysight has introduced a new device – smart glasses for cyclists Raptor AR technology company Elbit Systems, which is used in the helmets of fighter pilots. With its help, users points will be able to see information about your location, distance, speed, heart rate and speed of rotation of the wheels right before […]

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Physics from Massachusetts was able to “confuse” the photons and create a new kind of light

In its normal form photons have no mass, move at the speed of light and does not interact with each other. However, a few years ago, it was the phenomenon of “photonic molecules” – structures, which consist of sort of a pair of photons. At mit set up an experiment on the generation of these […]

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How to build your own flamethrower with his own hands

Elon Musk once again guessed it: party portable flame throwers production Boring Company at a price of $ 500 flew like hot cakes. But as it turned out, the flamethrower can make yourself, while spending much less “green”. One of the users of You Tube introduced its version of a home-made flamethrower consisting of several […]

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The maximum diving depth of submarines

One of the most important characteristics of the submarine – stealth, which largely depends on the depth of immersion. The submarine at great depths is less visible and therefore less vulnerable, and inflicted the blow is unexpected and inevitability. How is the dive submarines The evolution of the submarine fleet is a gradual dive to […]

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Advenate — hybrid avalanche shovels and tents

Recently in Munich the exhibition of ISPO, one of the headliners of which was the company Advenate and her two know-how: shovel emergency survival kit in the snow and a backpack with avalanche airbag and the system of respiration under the snow. Both kits increase the chances of survival in captivity snow in case of […]

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