In defiance of Putin: Ukraine together with France, will shoot a film about the true origin of Anna Yaroslavna

The creators of the movie “Anne of Kiev” based on the historical novel by French writer Jacqueline Doxa.

The Ukrainians and the French will remove the historical film about the daughter of Prince Yaroslav the Wise Anna Yaroslavna, according to “Диалог.UA” with reference to film.ua.

Ukrainian film company Kinorob together with the French Dada Films has begun work on the adaptation of the historical drama dedicated to the daughter of Kiev Prince Yaroslav the Wise, Queen of France, Anna Yaroslavna. The film is a joint production of Ukraine and France now has the working title of “Anne of Kiev” / Anna de Kiev.

At the moment working on the script of the film and approved the main part of the crew.

In 2018 during the summer and autumn in France and Ukraine will be shooting a film in wide release, audiences will see him in 2019.

The film is based on the historical novel of the French writer Jacqueline Doxa “Anna of Kiev, Queen of France.”

It is reported that the Director of the movie will make Yves Angelo, a three-time winner of the award “Cesar”, and operator – Sergey Mikhalchuk.

The producer of the project Oksana Melnychuk stressed that the historical figure of Anna Yaroslavna full of enormous energy and is often the subject of historical debate in modern Europe.

“Our film aims to give a comprehensive answer on the origin of the Duchess of Kiev – Queen of France,” she said.

Recall, may 29, in Paris the President of Russia Vladimir Putin called the Kiev Prince Yaroslav the Wise “our beloved Prince”, and his daughter Anna Yaroslavna – “our Russian”.

Soon after, the Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA has revealed the hidden meaning of such statements, the Kremlin dictator.

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  1. Handzia Savytska says:

    June 4,2017
    It is an excellent idea to make such a film. However, you must get an English-language editor for your project, who can create a professional marketing plan for your film.There are may language errors in the above press release, which an English-language editor could have corrected.
    Best wishes, Handzia Savytska

    • Sandy miller says:

      I agree. Get professional English translator. Make sure to get a great movie director. You might want to try Mel Gibson. He’s an excellent historical director. Or get a great British director. They’re excellent at doing historical films.

    • Randall Roffe says:

      I helped translate “The Illusion of Fear” into English, I’m the best for the job

  2. Anna of Kyiv…. Transliteration of Kиїв. Кіеv is NOT correct.

  3. Lubomyr Szuch says:

    Imperialist Russia stops at nothing to rob Ukrainians of their history, language, culture, territory, and identity.

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