WikiLeaks rosove, as a Kremlin SLDC for rosiyanami

Of WikiLeaks vpershe APRILJUNE Dan about the operation rosiyskih intelligence

Steriti rosiscky for subscribers that Internet koristuvacha intelligence DOPOMOGA peterbursky the company Peter Service, pichet talisca newspaper Repubblica, Yak has rozpoczelo cycle materials “Sphunk filey Russie”.

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WikiLeaks sterjo scho Mauger Peter Service obsolete to 500 milionw z Dani na dobu apartments. Parmacy in but can sniti Serenoa 10 seconds. In apublic documents : description: adapter Protocol 538, zavdyaki any rosiyski Vladi trimout access to Berezino formats.

Yak zaznachayut from WikiLeaks, scho zavdyaki strumento Traffic Data Mart can know, that city vdduv koristuvach, skilki hour he prowl on yaky-nebudu storms I through deaky divice, VIN TSE Robin.

Also for DOPOMOGA tsogo strumento leads the list sitv for categories scho to stanovlenii nteres for special services: Gaborone city of I blogs, e-mail, city, s sales zbroï narcotics, portali za teroristicki ABO “agressivnym” content.

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