White house lawyers are studying the procedure of impeachment – CNN

The lawyers of the White house have started to explore impeachment proceedings, trying to prepare for what U.S. officials still don’t consider a real prospect. It is reported by CNN , citing people familiar with the situation sources.

Lawyers began to study the procedure of impeachment to the President of the United States Donald trump, if necessary, can resist attempts to remove him from office.

Officials in the White house believe that trump would support the Republicans. Even Democrats say the talk of impeachment is premature.

However, reportedly, the lawyers of the White house consulted with experts on impeachment last week and gather information about such trials.

First, the White house refused to comment. Later, when CNN it was published, the Department stated that it wasn’t true.

Earlier today it was reportedthat in the case of ties between teams trump with the government of the Russian Federation has a new helper.

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