«Veneto.» Doubly profitable

Company news “Veneto”. Doubly profitable

There is no bad weather, because “Veneto” discount season never ends. Fireworks discounts, special offers and valuable gifts meets his future 25-letie national market leader in products for a healthy sleep and comfortable stay, providing its customers with a unique opportunity to complement the sleeper “turnkey”. Double benefits for those who purchase together and for the two

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Purchase a variety of products for sleep at attractive prices has become for many Ukrainians a healthy habit. Gradually the high culture of sleep becomes in our country, the standard of a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. Because the high-quality anatomic mattress, soft bed frame with orthopaedic or memory foam sofa, memory foam pillow, and blankets with good expansion properties and other quality equipment for sleep is not a luxury but a necessity.

Therefore, the company “Veneto”, for a quarter century producing orthopedic products in different price categories, making every effort to be accessible to the widest range of consumers. This is the aim of a new large-scale Campaign, which kicks off in early February of this year, on the eve of Valentine’s Day and International women’s day.

Profit discount

Despite the fact that according to the State statistics service of Ukraine retail trade turnover last year increased by 8.8% compared with the year 2016 and projected income growth this year, shopping discounts for Ukrainians remains the most popular method of savings and cost optimization in the new economic reality.

So according to research, more than 30% of the sales of non-food products to Ukrainian retailers through the promotion, the majority of which discounts. Today, more than a third of shoppers look for discounts and promotions. However, the saturation of Ukraine has not yet reached the level of Eastern Europe, where the stock passes 50-60% of all sales, and the depth of discount is on average 30%. So, this marketing tool to stimulate sales is still advantageous to both the seller and the buyer.

That’s why, “Veneto”, providing its clients with attractive discounts and a comprehensive proposal has been successful in maintaining their loyalty and trust towards the brand, the products of which meet all international requirements in quality, environmental and safety.

Discount best gift!

Comprehensive proposals for the organization of functional sleeping space has long been a pleasant and rewarding tradition for all the leading national manufacturer of orthopedic accessories for sleeping and relaxing. No exception the new proposal, offering discounts of 5% for the most popular models of mattresses, orthopedic elegant sofas and soft comfortable beds sommier, discounts on some models of which up to 10%.

Plus a favorite of regular participants promotions “Veneto” gifts with purchase of bed and mattress – two pillows and a blanket. However, the new promo is very generous not only for the presents, but also for additional discounts. So, when buying a soft bed with mattress of similar size, discount on bed increases by an additional 5% to the basic promo and discount on the mattress grows to 10%.

In addition, when you purchase any mattress separately, it is possible to buy a mattress at 50% discount. And in the case of purchase of a baby mattress you can buy mattress pad with 30% discount. For those who want to buy upholstered furniture 10% discount on the chair, “Charlie”, and the holders of the new orthopedic sofa will receive two pillows.

Pairs profitably buy and various accessories for sleep: buy one pillow, you get a discount on the second pillow at the rate of 30% or 50% depending on the model, and the purchase of blankets – the second can be purchased at a discount of 20% or 30%. If you consider that all products cost from 5 000 to 30 000 UAH. in Veneto can be purchased on-line installment payment up to one year, the conditions the new Shares is truly unique. Give yourself and your beloved the most precious gift – a healthy sleep and well being from the Veneto!


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