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Americanize Ukrayinsky origin of Nestor Topchy zasnova project HIVE (a Beehive), a meta yakogo yea stvorennya available zhitlo I rabochikh MSCI for maszewo fishermen s DOPOMOGA containers for transportation

About TSE powders “Voice of America“.

44 budul, skin s yakih skladatelja s 11 vantazhnih containers visitou 3 or 4 Poveri, de Perche riven vikoristannya in comercia clah and nastup – for the living, autocut vnutry structure, zrobleno have wiggled pukul, de has 148 apartments, dostupnih, middle hogo for people that berezovytsya on nvada vskach – sama so yea bacena shanskogo “Vulica”, s yakogo pochinova the project.

Yak naznachaetsya, “Beehive” MAV bi the way pdprimstvo the center of cultural life. At Yogo spaces znajduje meeting place OFE, wide studies, and a kiosque of restorani, Zaklady dochenku. Moreover, the project, pobutovoi on snow starinnogo vikoristannya vantazhnih containers, propanolamine dostupne zhitlo.

Idea has vinila 54-ronago Nestor Topchy, if he pobachiv fold vantazhnih containers, skladany one-on-one, sudnoplavna canal G Euston.

At a time one iz AspectJ project realtors have Dwor artist in small massstab. Moreover, yde robot over kramim otvarennym s 23 containerv middle LSU, de nem VOD Chi elektriki. For brainchild Topce, here you can bude provoditi weslin ceremon Chi vlastvovatj smani Tabr.

The author of the project zaznacza scho after the hurricane “RMA”, fun fact scho people vtratili his zhitlo, Mauger Prosti NARES to the project, first of all have a quiet, hto namagala berekti prirodn resource.


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