Ukraine – Slovakia – 2:1. Text online broadcast of SE in Ukraine

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Ukraine – Slovakia – 2:1 (1:1)

Goals: Štětina, 10 (0:1). Yarmolenko 39 (1:1). Linnet, 54 (2:1).

Ukraine: Pyatov (Smith, 46), Sable, Khacheridi (Shabanov, 81), Ordets, Karavayev (Butko, 63), Rotan, Malinowski (Shakhov, 81), Konoplyanka, Yarmolenko, Rakitskiy (Andrievsky, 78), Kolomoets.

Slovakia: Dubravka (Polacek, 46), Hubocan, Skrtel, Štětina (Lobotka, 46), Gyömber (Szabo, 46), Grochowski, Skrinjar, Hamšík (Bero, 64), Duda, Rusnak, German (Mak 63).

Punishment: Štětina, 43. Skrtel, 49. Rotan, 57 (warning).

Referee: A Treimanis (Latvia).

10 Nov. Lions. “Arena Lviv”.

86′ rotan was injured in the middle of the field. Pause in the game.

85′ Alves struck free-kick from distance – well over the crossbar.

83′ calmed down a Little game.

81′ Malinowski out – checks out on the field.

81′ Shabanov was replaced by Khacheridi.

78′ Andrievsky debut in the national team of Ukraine. Marlos went to rest.

77′ Konoplyanka delivered a cross, but neither Ordets or Khacheridi could not break.

76′ Skrtel has rigidly played against Linnets on the left side. Promising “standard” for the home team!

73′ Dangerous! Khacheridi and Yarmolenko messed in his own penalty area, the ball was at Bero, Slovak shot from 14 meters – right next to the bar went the ball.

71′ Malinowski decided to take a shot on goal is much higher.

70′ Alves in the tackle dropped to the grass Butko on the right. Good chance for the hosts!

68′ Dangerous! Grochowski soft shot from 22 meters, throw Koval – the crossbar!

66′ Robert Mack was flagged for offside.

64′ Bero replaced Hansika.

63′ German takes Mac out.

63′ caravan was replaced on the field Butko.

59′ it is Pleasant to note that the Ukrainians continue to dominate. The team of Andriy Shevchenko did not allow the opponents to seize the initiative.

57′ rotan cautioned for a rough foul in midfield.

54′ GOOOOOOOL!!! Ukraine are pushing forward! Konoplyanka made a solo run from midfield, entered the box and from 15 yards fired a low shot into the right corner, Polacek parried, but the ball hit the post flew into the net – 2:1!!!

52′ Guests are trying to calm the game.

50′ is Dangerous! Konoplyanka gets in a shot from 16 meters over the bar!

49′ Lobotka made a mistake in passing on their half of the field, Linnet immediately launched ball to move Kalomoira, but forward at the entrance into the penalty area Skrtel knocks. Yellow card for the captain of the Slovaks!

47′ , Guests immediately made three substitutions.

46′ Smith replaced Pyatov.

46′ the Game is resumed.

45+2′ First half completed!

45+1′ the Hosts on courage continue to go forward.

45′ the Main referee added two minutes!

43′ štětina issued a warning for rough play. Caught nervyak defender of Slovaks after the effective error.

40′ “Sidor, we are with you!”, this is the text showed on his t-shirt under the game form Yarmolenko. It’s like he knew to make a difference in the match. Dedicated, of course, the captain of Dynamo Kyiv Serhiy Sydorchuk, who was out for several months.

39′ GOOOOOOOOAL!!! Ukraine to level the scores! Statica grossly mistaken out of the blue, Marlos played well in defence, made a pass to unmarked Yarmolenko and Andriy shot on goal from 6 meters left no chance to the goalkeeper – 1:1!!!

37′ the Slovaks are completely focused on the game in defense.

34′ Yarmolenko performed a sharp right pass in district 11-meter mark, but Skrtel horse won the duel in Kalomoira.

33′ the game Went on a collision course. The ball almost does not stay in center field.

32′ the visitors orchestrated a swift counterattack in the center, Duda broke through with a 17-meter – caravan sliding tackle blocks. Corner from the right flank.

31′ the Hosts managed to establish a stable control of the ball. Now it is important to up the pace.

29′ Dubravka catches the ball in his hands following a filing with the performance Linnets. Eugene is very active on the left side.

27′ Slovakia is a very safe and compact in defense.

25′ Linnet burst into the penalty area on the left, but the winger’s cross was interrupted by the captain of the Slovakian Skrtel – another corner.

24′ Kolomoets not time to get the ball after a penetrating pass to the goal line from Marlos!

23′ Yarmolenko gently hung on free Malinovsky, and the midfielder then struck from 20 meters above the goal.

22′ Alves on the right flank commits a foul against Karavaeva. A chance for the Ukrainian team!

19′ is not Yet possible to establish the game in attack. Slovakia does not allow to gain a foothold in their half.

17′ Dubravka played reliably at the output, Ordets did not manage to beat the goalkeeper within the goalkeeper area.

16′ Dangerous! Yarmolenko struck in the center with 19 meters, the ball took deflection off the defender’s foot out for a corner.

15′ the Slovaks continue to monitor the progress of the meeting.

14′ Visibly alarmed by their team Andriy Shevchenko.

13′ Linnet took a shot from distance after receiving a pass from Marlos wide of the goal.

9′ GOAL! Slovakia opens the score! After filing a free kick from the left flank Hamsik shot from 9 meters, Pyatov parried the ball away, and štětina without any problems sent the ball into the net from several metres – 0:1!

8′ caravan dropped Rusnak on the sideline.

5′ the Guests feel comfortable enough at the Arena Lviv. Slovaks have more possession.

3′ Malinowski fired in the distance near the right post the ball travels.

1′ the Match is underway!

Players traditionally shake hands.

The teams took the field. Sound the national anthems of Slovakia and Ukraine!

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Eugene SHISHMAREV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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