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Over the past few days there has been a significant deterioration of relations between Ukraine and Poland. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko even offered Warsaw an emergency meeting of the Advisory Council of the presidents of Poland and Ukraine, what in the Chancellery of the Polish President agreed. However, while the atmosphere in Polish-Ukrainian relations remained tense. More details in explaining the material LIGA.net.

WHERE TO START. In 2015, the absolute power in Poland – the presidency and control of the government, received the conservative law and justice party. Configured in support of Ukraine and against the Imperial ambitions of the Kremlin, the IPR at the same time shows the interest of the Polish voters for whom the issue of the UPA in Volyn tragedy is a sensitive. There are many in South-Eastern Poland, where IPR is the most popular.

In 2014 in Poland regularly destroyed monuments to soldiers of the UPA and the victims of repression. Often video about the destruction of these monuments were laid at the sites supporting the militants of Donbass. This is not surprising – in the Polish nationalist environment, there are groups who believe the threat to Ukraine, actualize slogans against the UPA, have ties with militants, and even with the Kremlin. A striking example – the leader of the party Smena, Eurasian Mateusz Piskorski, who may 2016 is behind bars on charges of having links with the secret services of Russia.

As of April 2017 at the Ukrainian Institute of national memory (winp) counted 15 destroyed Ukrainian monuments on Polish territory. “These cases remain without consideration Polish law enforcement agencies. The Polish government does not restore the destroyed monuments,” – said in winp. In the Ukraine destroyed in the first half of the year, Pro-Kremlin mercenaries Polish monuments were restored either by the state or local communities.

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After the dismantling of the monument to the UPA in the border village of Krusevice, April 27, the Ukrainian Institute of national memory has suspended the legalization of 105 illegal Polish monuments in Ukraine. “The lack of adequate reaction of the Polish authorities on the systemic destruction of the Ukrainian places of memory in Poland compels us to suspend the process of legalization of the Polish memorial sites in the territory of Ukraine. The Institute initiates the suspension …grant permission to carry out works on search of the graves and the beautification of the Polish places of memory in Ukraine”, – said in a statement.

HOW IT DEVELOPED. A new round of conflict began with a statement November 2, Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski about creating a black list of Ukrainians who are anti-Polish views, “wear the uniform of the SS Galicia” and do not restore the Polish places of memory. The last point concerned the head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir Vyatrovich, although his name was not called. The Ukrainian foreign Ministry in response issued a statement saying that Ukraine has no anti-Polish sentiment.

5 Nov Waszczykowski during your stay in Lviv refused to visit the Museum “Prison on lontskoho” because of the plate, where the interwar period was called the period of occupation of Western Ukraine and stated that anti-Polish sentiments in Ukraine is at the Central level, although cooperation with the local authorities, he is satisfied. On 6 November, Deputy culture Minister of Poland Jaroslaw Sellin criticized the Ukrainian Institute of naramata, stating that Ukraine has entrusted the historical dialogue with the Warsaw non-governmental organizations, headed by “the man with the anti-Polish obsessions”. Confirmation of the entry ban to Poland to Viatrovych is still there.

Then Waszczykowski not recommended that the President of Poland Andrzej Duda ‘s planned December visit to Ukraine. 10 Nov Duda said that the visit is being considered, but stressed: “I do not agree that people who occupy high posts in the Ukrainian government, have views that are actually anti-Polish”.

Statements Waszczykowski and Sellina on the backdrop of expected retirements in the Polish government. The foreign Minister of Poland is a Prime candidate for retirement and returning to the Sejm. And by his statements he can just try to earn the trust of voters-nationalists to stay in Polish politics.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. The resignation Waszczykowski may slightly relieve the tension in Ukrainian-Polish relations. However, the government is in control of Poland Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who said that Ukraine will not be allowed in Europe with the cult of Bandera. Even if the Polish foreign Ministry will be headed by more pragmatic policies, head office Duda Krzysztof Mersky, historical questions from the agenda will not disappear. In addition, high ratings of IPRs and the weakness of the opposition allow us to predict that the party will remain in power after 2019.

You can dislike the IPR, but you need to look for a strategy how best to build relations with the Polish government, which makes it clear that for her the questions of history are much more important than the government of the Civic platform (2007-2015). While in Warsaw is not going to refuse to support Ukraine in the struggle against aggression is a matter of Polish national security.

In the current situation do not need to create additional reasons for the deterioration of relations, the prohibition to exhume the remains of victims of the poles and pretend that there were no problems in the General history of in the past. It is not clear how such steps can improve the perception of the UPA in the Polish society. Certainly, they do not promise improvement of Ukrainian-Polish relations. Of course, do not expect any Polish authorities restore the monuments of the UPA, as in winp. Whoever was in power in Poland, for Polish politicians would be suicidal. But you need to insist on investigation of destruction, protection of existing Ukrainian monuments, as well as to seek the expansion of cooperation in sectors where both countries have many common interests.

In addition, the question of who determines the policy of Ukraine in the Polish direction. Determines whether Poroshenko, foreign Minister, or the head of the Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich? Yet pronounced only the position of the latter, actively commenting on the current tensions in the media. But there must be that which in the civil service of the person responsible for the archives and the politics of memory, interfered in matters of foreign policy. The second important question – will it have Vyatrovich to engage in a dialogue with the Polish historians, if Poland is to him so negative? Could there be such a dialogue ever effective?

In the Western direction of Ukraine already so much problems. At the moment Ukraine has damaged relations with Hungary – the government of Orban is trying to slow down Ukraine’s cooperation with NATO because of the 7th article of the law on education. The same article was the reason for the cancellation of the visit to Ukraine of President of Romania Klaus Iohannis, although after the aggression of the Kremlin Ukrainian-Romanian relations developed almost perfectly. If you add to this list the deterioration of relations with Poland and the dual policy of the Slovak Prime Minister Robert fico, who will be only too happy to lift the sanctions against Russia, the picture is entirely bleak. What about the successes of Ukrainian foreign policy to say, when on the horizon looms the threat of the hostility of the Ukraine with all its nearest neighbors, and the Kremlin has reason to open the champagne?

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Ukrainian security clear and present danger not illegal Polish monuments and exhumation of remains of victims of the poles. Ukraine threatens the policy of the Kremlin, interested in aggravating the situation around the mutual historical grievances of Poland and Ukraine, and the desire of some politicians to earn on the Polish-Ukrainian hostility political capital and get a cushy job in the government or Parliament.

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