Today Ukrainians celebrate Christmas eve

Today Ukrainians celebrate Christmas eve

In Ukraine this holiday is celebrated is not the same everywhere


Today, the venerable Melania the Roman, Christmas eve, Generous kutia.

In ancient times, Malanka, Basil and Baptism was associated with the new year cycle called the Solar circle. The most important of them was dubouski holiday Generous Godwho later became known as Malanka, or a Lavish evening, which ended with the Saints in the evening, reminds UKRINFORM.

In Ukraine is not the same everywhere celebrated Christmas eve, magnificently celebrated it on the Left Bank and the Hutsul region. If before Christmas prepared Rich Christmas pudding, New year’s eve or Basil – Generous.

There was a great number of rituals and customs in Melenki. In the Hutsul region before dinner, arranged “holiday oven”. On the eve of her whitewashed, adorned, “because for a year she service is.” After supper, the neighbors went to each other to be reconciled, “in order to meet the New year in peace and harmony”. And the guys who recently asked in marriage, but received a pumpkin, the second time was sent matchmakers.

The most famous theatrical rite “Malanka” – the actors were transformed into Melanko, grandfather, woman, Gypsy, Gypsy, village headman, policeman, death, etc., face concealed behind masks and, accompanied by musicians go from house to house with new year wishes. And this day is considered one of the most favorable for divination.

Please note on the weather: if Melania thaw, we should expect a warm summer. “What is Malanka, – said on this occasion, – and Peter and Paul.”

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