To subjugate NABOO: in the PPB speak about “the preservation of the rule of law”

Arthur Gerasimov

One of the authors of the bill, which NABOO is proposed to pass under the control of the Verkhovna Rada and the President, Arthur Gerasimov explained this initiative with the desire “to preserve the rule of law.” His point, he announced today on the sidelines of the Parliament, the correspondent of LIGA.net.

The head of the BPP said that law enforcement must engage in the fight against corruption, not showdown.

“We received information from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada of the law enforcement officials, any serious violations of the rule of law now taking place in this system”, – said Gerasimov, adding that the Parliament “can’t stay away” from this question.

In his words, “the rule of law is the key position that we must protect.” “That’s why I put the signature under the law No. 7362 about parliamentary control, about the strengthening of parliamentary control in the sphere of rule of law,” he explained.

Gerasimov said that “such sensitive” laws will not be accepted in the session hall without the broad discussion with the public and experts.

He expects that within two weeks the deputies will use their right to submit alternative projects. According to him, he was “very pleased” that the discussion began on this issue, assuring that there was no question about accepting the submitted project today.

Today on the Council website there’s an alternative bill number7362-1 authorship of people’s deputies Elena Sotnik and Victoria Voytsitskoy.

Topic of the day: the PPB and the PF decided to finish NABOO: why and how

6 December 2017 head of the faction of the BPP and people’s front has registered the draft law establishing the right of Parliament to Express no confidence in the leadership of the specialized anti-corruption bodies. In addition, the President, according to the document, will be able to dismiss the Director of NABU in the case of an not criminal, and even administrative violations. It was reported thatto put the bill to a vote may 7 Dec.

On the night of 7 December revealed that the authors of the controversial initiative went back on their word and not to bring the bill to the agenda. NABU advised them to create an anti-corruption court, not “to kill”.

The authors of the draft law No. 7362 on amendments to some laws of Ukraine on provision of parliamentary control are the head of the BPP Arthur Gerasimov and the head of the faction of the popular front Maxim Bourbaki.

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