Through nestico 4 wagons, asagiri SVideo of the line “Odesa-Kyiv” Hali standing

13 August, 2017, 15:32
Asagiri Posta “Intercity” poluchennym Odesa-Kyiv smushed Buli hate standing through marriage wagon

About TSE’s asagiri Posta in blisk write simoriah.

“At momu coloco Bulo necessary virgate s Vnnic as than us (z rabochih of pitane); VIN usav kvytok on shvidki post. Viyavilos scho to posda not pricefile 4 (Vier) car, a compartment! I now Andrew NSIH that many people have been listed as s dtime, duty standing (s speeches, Yak fit). Maybe someone can explain “for this reason the essence of Cuzco”, it’s desirable yuridichno s point Zora, Bo my fantasy Malu picture in BC ship will call,” obousy, in particular, Mariya Fabriciova.

Passengers on im’ya I’m Andrew, that How have past, razmestil have merezhi picture s of the car, adding a room Posta, the time and the meeting place of the landing:

“764Ш, Odessa-Darnitsa, 13/08, 10:30 from the pumping station Ivano-Frankivsk”.

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Has one pasazerka, meschanka Kropivnitskogo Valentine Podolia mctevia portal Gre4kascho part Pasaieru, that about 5:30 the wound Mali virgate s odesi to. posdam “Intercity” weavile scho hnh wagon no.

“Post prebuf 4 car, a compartment korotkim. Do me a ticket for 615 hryvnias from the carriage Suite, No. 7, and wagons General n’yat. People s dtime s sea povertayutsya. All scho m proponuyut, conductor – shmatock of cardboard, not dwellers SETI goly on the floor,” rosove won.

Vidana zaznacza scho spivrobitnyky powdery to passengers about the causes situat scho I vinice: dva dni that talasa breakage, that number wagons mensili.

“Post “Intercity” 764. Instead of 9 wagons filed 5 people proponuyut state on the most msca, ale h on vsih not VISTech. Bagato hto state from the aisles. People sitting on cars, postupitsya mstem incam I ltnm people. Wi-Fi Ter no”, – respown ot passengers tsoho of the line “Browser”.

For Yogo words, Cheema oborina sbiraetsya, podavati call I vimagati compensation.

“Post duzhe expensive. For porwnania: a ticket Ivano-Frankivsk-Kiev have a typical plackart – 40-60 UAH, then 225,” zaznaczyl VIN.

  • 9 August Wojciech Balczun Virchis piti have otstavku s plant cervenka of “Ukrzaliznytsya”.
  • Cabnet menstru Shvalev priznachennya pershoho defender mnestra nfrastructure Material Kravtsova T. V. O. head of “Ukrzaliznytsya”.
  • The words Kravtsov, Balcon svelnis s osobistej mrkwang. Sway cargou Balcon to say, scho shkosa Nations posed s nadto great navantazhennya.
  • Yak savla Director of the NABU Artem Sitnik, onown slaviana at PJSC “Ukrainian salzitsa” vdbase on domcom pdprimstvo, vdova for Yak derzhavni zakupivli.

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