This 360-degree videos that will allow your eyes to see the center of our galaxy

Humanity’s much quicker to see what is happening in different parts of the Universe than you get there. Recently NASA using immersive simulation looked into the center of the milky way, where there is a supermassive black hole, known as “alpha Sagittarius *”. They created a video with a three-dimensional view from the eye of the observer, which is the virtual near this hole.

The basis for modeling data from Very Large Telescope and Chandra x-ray Observatory. A special object of their attention was not itself a black hole, and the accumulation of objects near it, called the stars of wolf-Rayet. They rotate directly at the center of our galaxy.

The video stars a wolf-Rayet 25 is shown as very bright points, as they are constantly thrown into the interstellar space of their substance. Waves of gas from several stars collide and a powerful glow in x-rays. This video was simulated the process of moving stars 500 years, 350 to 150 today, and after, but in the two scenarios.

Scientists are puzzling discrete x-ray radiation in the vicinity of 0.6 light-years from alpha Sagittarius, then as the stars of wolf-Rayet are from a hole of 1.5 light years. The question is: is a black hole attracts a stellar wind that glows before crossing the event horizon? Or hole pushes out excess substances, which then collides with the stellar wind and creates a glow? In any case, for an observer near the spectacle is fantastic.

Source — NASA

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