Wikipedia: “the Game of thimbles is a form of fraud. Despite the attentiveness of the player, sleight of hand allows the host to hide the ball, removing it from under the thimble…”

Having exhausted set of cheap propaganda tricks in the unwinding “Mariupol question”, the main actor of this play of the absurd decided to play an encore. Likely, in his opinion, to achieve the desired effect – all good. Including cheating on an official document. Moreover, the head of FFU Andrew Pavelko, obviously, so believe in their impunity, that even did not hesitate to use the “shell game” the official website of the national Association.

No matter who is from the environment of Andrey Vasilyevich helpful hid the details of the letter more than a month ago, received the FFU from the then head of the main Department of Ukraine in Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin. Importantly, this was done in order to deceive the public and fabricate the alleged date, according to a reputable specialist on the current topic. And despite the fact that Mr. Abroskin in the post of first Deputy interior Minister did on this resonance about a number of statements of a completely different content.

Noteworthy is the fact that this scandalous manipulation was clearly done in the House of football with the knowledge of his superior, a lawyer by profession, people’s Deputy of Ukraine, member of the legal Committee and disciplinary UEFA – FIFA. That is, high-ranking state officials whose regalia is, by definition, require him to be a highly moral person and set an example of lawfulness.

Alas, the “king” was “naked.” Therefore, in the “history of Mariupol” has still not come to an end. Therefore, it continues to PR, and in the full sense – parasite ambitious, arrogant, unscrupulous adventurer, who, hiding behind parliamentary mandate, behave cynically and aggressively.

He defied the provisions of the Regulations of the higher football authorities, which oblige national federations to follow the recommendations of the authorized state bodies in the sphere of security. He challenged the officials of law enforcement agencies, which have repeatedly warned him personally about the danger and unreasonableness in Mariupol matches of the Premier League. He challenged the relatives of the young football players of DYUSSH “Dynamo”, which addressed an open letter to the leadership of the country, indignant peremptory and aggressive position of the head of FFU. He defied common sense, which was permeated initially offer the capital club not to risk the lives of players and fans, without exception, all teams in the Premier League.

You can still be surprised by the absurd persistence with which Pavelko opposed to the opinions of competent professionals in the field of counter-terrorism. But is it worth doing? Whether you want to indulge his ambitions, which become hostages of thousands of people. Whether you want to continue a fruitless discussion, listening to his endless populist nonsense about the football patriotism? Not too much honor, time and attention to his ordinary, the cartoon character, besides narcissist? Is that – the unsurpassed master of the shell game…

Viktor ZHURAVLEV, Pressure

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