The Tesla Roadster drove into space “Easter egg” for posterity

The official SpaceX representatives paid much attention to the launch of the rocket, the Falcon Heavy, is much less than its load, electrocare Tesla, and almost not a word said about the secret artifact on Board. The car carries to space “Arch” – a small disk of quartz glass, the recording media of the new type.

It is known that the Tesla Roadster took a drive on which there is a complete record of the cycle of novels by Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation”. But they occupy an insignificant part of the total capacity of the arch in 360 TB, and that there is written – a great, fundamental secret. The authors of the project The Arch Mission Foundation want the descendants of the earthlings or the aliens could not see what was inside, not yet decrypted record. This will heat up their interest.

Stated that the arc can store information of more than 14 billion years without degradation of the media. Here we have used the 5D technology is optical encoding, in which femtosecond laser burns in the crystal blocks with sides of 20 nm, and each block encodes 8 bits. It turns out the estimated capacity of 360 TB per disk – in the world of data carriers similar in volume and durability.

The creators of the ark honestly admit that their technology allows you to conveniently write, but not read data. This is the problem of advanced civilizations, they left clues as to decrypt the disks. The Arch Mission Foundation plans to launch one arch with each new mission into deep space, fortunately, a passing load as it weighs nothing. But the drive needs to be inside a man-made object, otherwise it is guaranteed to get lost in the abyss of space.

Clues to the decoding of the original disc — ArsTechica

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