The ruling camp has stood up for Netanyahu, who may be accused of corruption

KIEV. 14 Feb. UNN. Supporters of the current Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu from the government coalition and ruling party spoke out in his defense after the police announced intention to indict him on charges of corruption following the results of investigation of two criminal cases. Inform on it UNN citing Israeli public radio, “Kan”.

The reaction of the ruling camp, which remind of the presumption of innocence and the absence of police recommendations the force of law, show that at least at the current stage, Netanyahu retains the support of the political majority and has no problems to continue to lead the country.

On the recommendation of the police responded to his fellow party member, Minister of transport and exploration Yisrael Katz. “I Express my support for the head of the government. Should let Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to continue to run the country and conduct important state Affairs in the sphere of security and in other fields, and to wait for the ruling of the legal adviser of the government,” he said.

The materials of both investigations together with published recommendation of the police reports to the legal Advisor to the government and Prosecutor General Availibe Mandelblit who is going to decide Netanyahu will appear before the court. The question is whether the presentation of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers formal charges sufficient reason for his resignation, has no clear answer in the Israeli legal and political practice, although at this stage the Ministers and MPs usually represent authority.

The Prime Minister spoke on the eve of a televised address to the nation, which reiterated his innocence and expressed confidence that the investigation against him will end in nothing. He promised to continue to lead the country and to take part in the next election, which must take place no later than 2019.

None of the parties-allies of Likud has not yet announced about the refusal to trust Netanyahu and exit from the ruling coalition in connection with the police recommendations.

Calls for resignation are heard only from the opposition camp.

As previously reported UNN the Israel police on Tuesday said lawyers Benjamin Netanyahu, will make a recommendation to bring charges against incumbent Prime Minister of the Jewish state on the two being investigated in its relation to cases of abuse.

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