“The nomination Vashchuk and Kharchenko is part of the play”

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The football community continues to discuss the election of the President of the football Federation of Kiev, held last Friday.

As you know, the event was not without inspired by scandal, which, however, did not prevent the acting head of the FFK Igor Kochetov to win a landslide victory, with the support of the overwhelming number of delegates.

Your opinion about what happened already was expressed by the Vice-President of FPC Victor Khlus, and today we give the word to two other participants.

Honored coach of Ukraine and the senior trainer of the capital SDUSHOR “Change” Dmitry Fetisov said that without a moment’s doubt, deciding who to cast your vote:

You know, I’m in the Kiev football stew for decades, and the presidents of the city Federation when I was changed several times – smiles Dmitry. Among them was truly honored people, including famous former players, but its achievements in this position with Igor Kochetov sharks.

Igor N. I know not only as a talented leader, but also as a decent man. At one time we even played against each other at veteran level, and together with him nights on the “Red excavator” was the rules of the competition. It before Kochetova from Fkk was not at all!

Let’s just say that this man was actually pulled our football from the cellars and brought to the level where he is now. You will see how many tournaments now spends FPC – fantastic! And not coincidentally, not only Dynamo, but the same “Arsenal”, SDUSHOR-15, our “Change” has achieved considerable success at the national level.

– One of the contestants in the elections Kochetova – ex-defender of the national team Vladislav Vashchuk – the argument in their favor gives the example of his Academy.

– Yes, and Vashchuk brag about it at every step, then as Igor said it prefers the business, modestly keeping silent about their successes. But held Kochetov work and what did Vaschuk, – on a scale disparate things.

In addition, when a candidate, running for such an important post, begins to remember where he played, and who won, it just turns itself from future voters. At the conference I told Vashchuk: “Vladik, work chair is not to play football…”

And again. Our guys from “Change” once went out on the field with the team mentioned the Academy – won from a double-digit score…

Dmitry FETISOV and his students

– If to speak about “Change”, there is a concern FFK?

– The Federation in anything we do not deny. And which we have issues are decided quickly, and she takes the initiative. It’s not only about the inventory. On her shoulders, for example, the organization process of insurance players. No damage in our case, unfortunately, nowhere, but boys in case of injury always regularly receive insurance payouts, and should I contact the FPC.

– With this in mind, you are probably surprised by the scandal, which broke out at the report-election conference?

– No, because I and my colleagues initially, it was clear that Vashchuk and Serhiy Kharchenko – dummy candidates. Their promises and attempts to denigrate the employees of the Federation, for many years workers for the benefit of football, just show the real price of both as candidates for the chair. They were only part of the campaign against Kozlov.

And custom materials, similar to what was played in the “Great football” – is also worthless. The true value are only the results of the vote, in other words, the confidence of the people. For Kochetova – 74 delegate, Vashchuk – 3, Kharchenko – 1. What are the issues?

Among those who voted for the eventual winner of the election, was Oleg Michurin, the Director of DYUSSH “Winner”.

– The fact that we in our CYSS conducted a preliminary survey of staff, who unanimously gave the preference to Igor Kochetov, – says Oleg. Accordingly, at the conference I was voted, as decided by our team. Absolutely honest and, most importantly, fair. And I didn’t have the slightest doubt as to the objectivity of such a choice.
We all know what was the football Federation of Kiev to Kochetova, and what became after that. Made a huge step forward. Especially when you consider our reality.

Igor is a strong organizer. We respect and value. With him I want to work, are drawn to it. This is very important.

And there was not a single case that we did not feel the support and assistance from his side. Here is an example from the history of our school. When the mayor of Kiev Chernovetsky was, we actually took a football field to Magnitogorsk boys simply had no place to train. But thanks Kochetov problem was quickly resolved – we were placed in 80-th school. And so in all. It will confirm anyone who worked with him.

Igor KOCHETOV rewards Oleg MICHURIN (right), the honorary diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Do schools some support from the national Federation?

Personally, I don’t. Tournaments are held, balls hear… But it’s all a superficial understanding of the activities of the FFU. This is not enough. Not enough funding. Not enough fields. And most importantly – there is no clearly defined legal framework, which would regulate the activities of sports schools. The acceptance of children medical other details… When we get the documents, at times we feel absolutely powerless.

Were you surprised that the new candidates for the post of head of the FFK appeared only shortly before the end of the campaign?

– Those who are watching the TV channels “Football 1/2” and sees them concocted stories, no need to explain who and why was brewed this mess.
Lead illustrative example is from personal experience. Shortly before the election the father of one of the players has sharply interested in our documentation, one paper asked, then another. Letters I wrote… at First I did not attach any importance to this. But one day coming home from work, and to me a people, starts a conversation on the subject and begins to urge to vote against Kochetova…

“Look,” I told him. We took a collective decision, and to change it, no one is going.

Of course, I was outraged. It was a real attempt to exert pressure.

Objective whether the election results? Why Vashchuk and Kharchenko has not found support among the delegates?

It’s very simple. Suddenly came two young candidate and say we want to lead the Federation… But “we want” – this is not enough. How can we stand for such a serious post, when you did absolutely nothing and have no experience in this field. Yes, the same Vashchuk was talking about his program, but you can write anything you want. You can even “buckwheat to distribute”… Another question – what have you achieved as a functionary or organizer? We evaluate a person according to his work.

No one denies that Vashchuk played in “Dynamo” at a high level. But that’s not a reason to immediately occupy such an important post in the capital of the Federation. We now have three buses a reputable Dynamo veterans across the country with exhibition matches go. And Vladislav is one of them, and takes place not on the first seats, and somewhere in the back…

I will say more: Vashchuk and Kharchenko has no chance against any other candidate who worked long enough in Kiev football. Any of the nine dozen delegates, nominate it as a candidate, would have scored at least five or six votes, not three and not one. We all know each other and, most importantly, know who is who.

Near Vashchuk and Kharchenko did not have enough time to get acquainted with all the delegates? Complete nonsense. Time they had the car! They are still football people in the course of events. However, their candidates emerged at the last moment.

That is grounds for reconsideration of the election results, which insist rivals Kochetova, no?

– No. To verify this, it is enough to raise protocols. I think Vashchuk and Kharchenko themselves knew that they did not Shine, but faithfully performed the roles that they took the organizers of this event. No more.

Vasily CHESNOKOV, “Pressing”

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