The NATO defense Ministers announced the creation of two new headquarters of the Alliance at a meeting in Brussels

KIEV. 13 Feb. UNN. The creation of two new command structures of NATO, increased military spending of the Alliance, as well as the operation in Afghanistan and launch a training mission in Iraq will be the main topics the two-day meeting of the North Atlantic Council at the level of defense Ministers, which opens on Wednesday in Brussels. Inform on it UNN with reference to TASS.

In the words of the current Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, defense Ministers of the countries of the bloc will decide on the establishment of the new headquarters of the Alliance in the Atlantic region, and the formation of the military command to ensure rapid deployment of military forces within Europe.

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“We agree on the creation of a new command of the Atlantic Alliance”, — he said at a press conference on Tuesday. According to the Secretary General, the main task of the new structure will coordinate actions to ensure the safety of Maritime transport routes and communication lines between Europe and America.

“I also hope that Ministers agree on the creation of an additional command to improve the ability to move soldiers and equipment of the countries of Europe. Operational redeployment of forces is a key component of collective deterrence and defense of NATO”, – he stressed.

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Stoltenberg said that Ministers should only approve the structure of the two new headquarters of the Alliance, while the decision on their placement yet will not be accepted. “The decision on the location we will take later”, — concluded the Secretary General.

NATO will launch its training mission in Iraq until the summit of the Alliance in July this year, said Jens Stoltenberg. “On Thursday we will agree to start planning for training in Iraq. I want to start this mission already at the meeting in July,” he said.

According to Stoltenberg, NATO recently received a request from the government of Iraq. “We all see the need for more active training of the Iraqi forces. Now we are increasingly coming to the conclusion that we need to create capacity on the ground so that the Iraqis could ensure stability in the country”, – said the Secretary General.

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Since the beginning of military operations in Iraq in 2003, the North Atlantic Alliance was not involved in the fighting because of disagreement with the campaign of the leading countries of the Alliance, including France and Germany. As a result, the United States had to create a separate international coalition to combat operations in the country. Today, NATO leaders stressed that the Alliance’s mission in Iraq will be sent only to the education and training of local forces.

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