The national team of Ukraine: the Girls stumbled, the boys did not disappoint

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In the French city of Nantes started the world championship in basketball 3×3, which recently received the status of Olympic sport.

Accordingly, these competitions has decided to hold a parallel with the women’s championship in the basketball classic, so the same players teach it to participate in both tournaments.

Was no exception and the team of Ukraine, which only at the last moment Anna returned zarycka, but in the main team under the leadership of Vladimir Kholopova left Olga Maznichenko.

Who knows, acted as if our girls are in Nantes, if you would go there and Maznichenko, and another well-known “TreeSize” Natalia Skorbatyuk that just a few days before the world championship suffered a complex injury. And after the first day of competition in its track record was like victory and defeat…

In the opening match Zaritskaya and the company somewhat abruptly, leaving no chance of Australia, within which were the representatives of the WNBA. In fact, equal struggle was visible only to the equator of the confrontation, and when a distant shot of Christina filewich and the same Zaritskaya made the score 17:10, the name of the winner of doubts did not cause. In the end, Oksana Malova beautiful hit set on the scoreboard final – 21:12.

But in the next match with the Dutch, as they say, found a rock spit. The impression that our girls are just not able to recover physically. So if they footed the opponent did not concede and kept the score parity, the advantage gradually shifted to a more agile “orange”. When the score was 10:13 zaritska from behind the arc missed, and Dutch players the same chance used, to save the fight the Ukrainians have already left.

Today wards of Yuriy Protsiuk will play their final group matches against teams from Japan and China. Two wins definitely guarantee them a place in the next round of the tournament.

In men the European championship on the classic basketball soon, so the compositions of the participants of the current tournament his masters abound more than enough. In particular, and the Ukrainian team. Therefore, in the opening match of Stanislav timofeyenko, Dmitry Lipovtsy, Aleksandr Kobets and Maxim zakurdaev beat rivals from Sri Lanka, that is, on class 21:9.

But in the next match with Poland, which in the world ranking is an authoritative third position, the fight was much more difficult. Still three minutes before the final siren the score was equal – 11:11. But here the weighty word said the master long shot – Kobets, who scored twice in a row. This breakthrough was decisive, and our won – 20:15!

Thus, the national team of Ukraine became the leader of the group, and tomorrow she will play with Qatar and Estonia.

Sergey DATSENKO, Sport-Express in Ukraine

NANTES (France). Championship of the world. Men. Group C. UKRAINE – Sri Lanka- 22:9. Estonia – Qatar – 9:20. Sri Lanka- Estonia – 2:21. Poland – UKRAINE – 15:21. Poland – Qatar – 17:19.

UKRAINE, Qatar -2 victory, Estonia – 1, Poland, Sri Lanka – 0.

Group A. Russia – Puerto Rico – 19:7. Serbia – Egypt – 17:15. Puerto Rico – Andorra – 21:12. Andorra – Egypt 15:14. Serbia – Russia – 20:17.

Serbia – 2 wins, Puerto Rico, Russia, Andorra 1, Egypt – 0.

Group D. Holland – Korea – 22:6. New Zealand – Indonesia – 12:15. Korea – New Zealand – 13:15. USA – Holland – 12:19. USA – Indonesia – 21:8.

Holland – 2 wins, USA, New Zealand, Indonesia – 1, Korea – 0.

Matches in group B ended late last night.

Women. Group C. UKRAINE – Australia – 21:12. Holland – Japan – 16:9. Australia – China – 21:7. The Netherlands – UKRAINE – 17:12. China – Japan – 9:19.

Holland – 2 wins, UKRAINE, Australia, Japan – 1, China – 0.

Group A. Russia – Kazakhstan – 21:3. Germany – Kyrgyzstan – 13:12. Kazakhstan – Germany – 6:21. Hungary – Russia – 10:12. Hungary – Kyrgyzstan – 22:3.

Germany, Russia – 2 wins, Hungary – 1, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan – 0.

Group B. Switzerland – Venezuela – 21:4. Spain – Turkmenistan – 20:3. Venezuela – Spain – 6:21. France – Switzerland – 13:15. France – Turkmenistan – 17:9.

Spain, Switzerland – 2 wins, France – 1, Turkmenistan, Venezuela – 0.

Matches in group D ended late last night.

In the playoffs (1/4 finals) out two teams from the group.

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