The longest flights in the world

From the very first moments after the birth of aviation began continuing up to the present day race for the win in the speed, duration, range, altitude and payload. The first world record for the farthest travel was the famous Louis Bleriot, who committed 25 July 1909 record-breaking flight across the… the English channel.

First records and record holders

In this list dozens of names. Among them, the legendary American Charles Lindberg, in may 1927 for the first time crossed the Atlantic and Soviet pilot Mikhail Gromov, made together with his crew non-stop flight on the route Moscow – San Jacinto (California) on the ANT-25. It took place in November 1937. Distance record was almost 10150 km.

Louis Bleriot after perleta channel

Spirit air rivalry has not subsided in the twenty-first century. Today, the world records in aviation is more of a routine, which, as a rule, the world’s leading airlines. However it should be noted that a direct production of “Champions” — long-haul passenger aircraft only with a few leading industrial powers with advanced technologies.

The flying club “marathon runners”

Doubtless his leader is the Boeing company with its famous “747”. During the years of operation, from February 1969 was released 1527 machines in four versions. The maximum index in the range belongs to the Boeing 747-8 is more than 14800 km.

His “direct successor” is considered Boeing-787 Dreamliner. Regular commercial flights, he began 6 years ago. During this time, the company sold 565 cars in three versions – 8, 9, 10. The longest “jump” made by Boeing-787-9 – on 14140 km away.

The main competitor of “American”, the European Airbus, a joint production of France, Spain, UK and Germany. In April 2005 began serial production of the large passenger airliner the Airbus 380 can carry (depending on version) from 525 to 853 passengers for a distance of over 15,000 km In 12 years, the company produced 213 machines.

Russia’s participation in this prestigious club is more than modest. The country is in the singular, the Il-96. Since the beginning of operation in 1993 at the Voronezh aircraft factory had produced only 30 cars in three variants – 96-300, 96M/T and 96/400. Russian distance record belongs to the Il-96/400 – 12800 km.

Who further and longer

The main long-distance routes of the civil air lines connecting Southeast Asia and North America. Their average length is more than 12 thousand km, and travel time exceeds 15 hours.

Today the long flights on airplanes are in the world during routine commercial flights. So the Boeing 777-200LR of Qatar Airways on 6 February of the current year covered the distance in 14535 km on the route Doha-Oakland 17 hours 40 minutes.

But this is not the limit. Singapore Airlines is ready to offer a record-breaking flight from new York to Singapore on the Airbus A340. Its length will be 15.5 thousand km and may take about 20 hours. In this case, the passengers and crew will become members of several world records. This will be the “longest non-stop passenger flights without refueling”.

The largest Russian air carriers are not included in the number of world Champions for the range of flight. Today the longest flight from Moscow takes place on the route Moscow-Los Angeles (the company “Aeroflot”). Its length is 10100 km, and travel time is over 12 hours.

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