The latest model robot, the Atlas easily makes back flips and other stunts

The company Boston Dynamics has released online a video with the “sports achievements” of the last modification of its bipedal robot, Atlas. New model without any problems jumping over obstacles, just lands and performs a beautiful backflip.

For Boston Dynamics last week was a busy, judging by the number of published updates and their degree of complexity. Last modification robot Atlas differs not only from previous but also from all the existing humanoid machines of today. The robot threw off the shackles of gravity of the earth – now he keeps the balance in the vault, and even moves not smoothly and boldly. If challenges.

While Atlas is Autonomous, has the source of energy, the algorithm chooses the track and himself corrects the mistakes – this can be seen on slow motion video. The motion of the robot is not perfect, and Boston Dynamics did not dissemble, and showed a few bad takes. Obviously, Atlas has used machine learning to learn to perform those tricks, which he eventually showed.

Video is an advertising and informative purposes and does not disclose details about the new model Atlas, the company also refrained from comment. Maybe we just showed success in the development of complex robots jumping with two feet. Or it was about the balance? Learn over time.

Source — Boston Dynamics

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