The introduction of a visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU: the Russian “Vata” in vain, hysteria and scare Ukrainians European prices – Vinnichuk

Ukrainian writer Yuri Vinnichuk calls on citizens not to ignore the angry comments about Russia getting Ukraine visa-free regime with the EU, and focus on European integration.

The past week gave us two little joy-blow “Tomahawks” at the hawthorns and the impact on the visa-free wool. Unites these two historical events, the joint clarification: “to be continued”.

From both our pleasures howled desperately Wat and boobies tradepile of sect “was isopropano”. And on Russian sites full of tips on how you can obtain Ukrainian citizenship. Which, of course, should we be alerted, and the conditions for the adoption of citizenship should do more important.

From wool and those who never will be satisfied, fell desperate cries that their low wages are not too much and turn up and visa-free, like a cow saddle.

Statistics show that 55% of Ukrainians have never travelled outside of Ukraine. And of those others who left, only 8.5% had been abroad once a year or more often.

But Russia and Belarus – it is also abroad, so it is possible that of those 45% that are left, less than half were in Europe.

Of course finances play an important role. But it is also important to have the desire. No, not so – it is necessary to have an irresistible desire to travel. For example, in order to rest at sea.

I know some spouses, every summer holiday in Bulgaria. Their status do not allow them on any feature, but they found their way. They have a Bulgarian friend, a family that over the years, they rent a room for which pay is not money, but … nuts. Bring ham, sausages, canned food, and the rest to buy more and live happily.

They just one day decided that I wanted to rest there, not anywhere.

In General, once abroad, our people will be surprised by the prices. There was a time, when we went for groceries poles, Hungarians and Romanians. Now on the contrary. Every large supermarket in Eastern Poland you can see many of our cars, and at the box office – Ukrainian flags, which indicate that here understand Ukrainian. Moreover, purchase in Poland, on the border to return part of the money. And then even larger impact on prices.

Wool, which scares us and European prices, in fact they are not focused. After all, even while living in Vienna, I’m the same products, spending less money than in Lviv. In many European cities there is a network of cheap shops. And sell fresh food, not expired, as it may seem.

One friend is already six times were served on the card of the pole. The entire interview is always successfully passed, the roots are such that at Amen. But card not received. For the last question “Czy pan czuje sie polakiem?” was answered each time firmly “Nie!”.

Water wears away the stone. Maybe on the seventh time he will be able to get what he wants, and still not break. Because such a world exists.

We will remind, the President of the UWC, said that the European Union undoubtedly believes in Ukraine and its reform – this is the main reason approval of a visa-free regime for Ukrainians.

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  1. Peterke says:

    Please, don’t be too big-hearted about Ukraine. Some people may think that once Ukraine is nearly accepted in the EU, this makes that country complying all EU democratic standards, etc. That’s not quite true. To know why, you need to see this petition to president of Ukraine petition. president. gov. ua / petition / 35671 The problem is that such petitions are absolutely not helping the Hungarian minority in West Ukraine. These days, Ukraine is literally awash with nationalism spirit. To a large extent, the problem of Hungarian minority for Ukrainians sounds like that: no Hungarian minority – no problem. Sad but true, it is Hungary itself that can help Hungarian minority in West Ukraine. That needs action.

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