The foreign Minister of the Netherlands resigns because of lies about Putin

Halbe Zijlstra (screenshot from video)

The Minister of foreign Affairs Halbe Zijlstra acknowledged that he had lied about a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2016, and said that he was resigning. About it reports the local edition of NOS.

Zijlstra announced his resignation before debate in the lower house of Parliament of his false statements about the meeting with Putin.

In his statement, the Minister called this “the biggest mistake in my political existence today”. “The Netherlands deserve to be the Minister of foreign Affairs, which is no doubt,” said Zijlstra.

It is noted that the planned meeting with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia will not take place.

Previously, Zijlstra said that he was present at the meeting with Putin in 2006, when he spoke about the plans for the “great Russia”, which supposedly should include Ukraine and Belarus. Later, the Minister admitted that he was not at the meeting, and learned information from the source.

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