The Finnish company has turned climbing into a game in augmented reality

Game Whack-a-bat

In the Finnish Studio Valo Motion triumphantly announced that their sports platform augmented reality Augmented Climbing is now spread in 30 countries. It is used in gyms with walls for climbing in the room to turn a routine workout into a fun game.

In the composition of the Augmented Climbing have projectors and video cameras to capture player movement. The picture is projected on a wall, players see it and try to react, the computer analyzes their actions and manages the game. It’s simple – it’s like driving with your finger on the touch screen, only instead of the finger itself acts as a rock climber and need to move the whole body.

The game “Whack-a-bat”: you fly around glowing monsters, which should be clapping hands, holding on the wall. Can and feet, if the skill enough.

The Game Sparks

The game “Sparks”: the wall is relatively slow moving glowing “death” line and the climber will need to constantly maneuver to avoid them.

The game “Climball”: the good old throwing the ball, realized a thousand and one ways. This – 1002-Oh!

And a super bonus game “Save the World from Blazing Fireballs” (save the world from flaming flying balls). Guess what to do? Yes, to save the world. From the flaming and flying virtual balls.

Source — Augmented Climbing

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