The EU court refused to ban GMOs: lack of evidence

Photo: EPA

In the European Union can ban the growing and cultivation of genetically modified food and feed only if it is proven that such food and fodder are harmful to health. This decision was made by the European court, reports Deutsche Welle.

Thus, to ban genetically modified food and feed must first prove that they can harm human health or animal or adversely affect the environment.

Reportedly, the reason for the proceedings was the appeal of the Italian government to the European Commission in 2013 to ban the cultivation of GMO corn varieties Mon801 American Corporation “Monsanto”.

Then the arguments of Italy were the results of research scientists, according to which the corn is dangerous to human health.

The European Commission rejected the request of Italy, referring in turn to the conclusion of European food safety.

On 17 July, the European Commission has granted five permits for use of genetically modified crops for food and feed.

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