The DPRK stated that the United States worsen their relations with the Republic of Korea

KIEV. 14 Jan. UNN. The North Korean Agency KCNA issued a commentary, which stated that the American command tries to hinder the improvement of inter-Korean relations, reports UNN.

U.S. command adopts measures aimed at the deterioration of the atmosphere for the improvement of inter-Korean relations and the entire Korean nation “should be aware of the vile insides and aggressive nature of US”.

In comments marked that the United States is the best target for missiles, “Hwaseong”.

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In it, in particular, it is argued that the US has plans, official announcements about which were not send to the Korean Peninsula carriers Ronald Reagan and Carl Vinson. In addition, the KCNA said accommodation in the region of amphibious ships such as Wasp, that “if anything can land on the territory of the DPRK armed forces of the U.S. marine corps on a scale of one division.” As stated in comments, the US is also talking about possible plans to deploy the aircraft carrier John Stennis in the Western Pacific ocean, and seven U.S. bases in South Korea and Japan are concentrated “in abundance” fighters and troops from the U.S. mainland.

As reported UNN, the DPRK continues to work on deepening of the Western tunnel at the nuclear test site near the village of Pungere district kilju province of Hamgyong.

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