The death of birds in Kherson region: there is a danger for people

Photo: screenshot of video

The mass death of wild birds on the black sea coast in Kalanchak district Kherson region associated with infectious bacterial origin – pasteurellosis. That was the conclusion made by the regional laboratory of the Main Department of Gospodarevskaya in the Kherson region, reports local newspaper the New day.

Pasteurellosis can catch all kinds of birds, mammals and even humans through contact with water, where the disease agent remains viable for about three weeks. About this informed the head of food safety state Gospodarevskaya Kherson Vitaly knights.

It is noted that have already introduced a number of quarantine measures in the villages Horly, wide and others who are near the place of mass death of birds. There are daily checks the condition of the poultry, and owners are asked not to allow them to natural water bodies, and regularly disinfect their content.

Among other things, Kalanchak district banned hunting of wild fowl.

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