The company Dainese has introduced a “smart” vest with airbag function for workers

Dainess company, a renowned manufacturer of active safety systems for riders and skiers, in conjunction with the University of Bologna, clinic di Sant’orsola-Malpighi and the energy company Enel presented its new development – a smart safety vest for workers, softening the impact in case of a fall from height.

The vest consists of two systems – electronic and pneumatic. The electronic part includes three accelerometers and three gyroscopes that continuously transmit data to the computer responsible for the production of a complex algorithm in case of a fall.

In the event of a fall the worker actuates the pneumatic part of the system. Cushion around the perimeter of the body is inflated, maximally protecting people from the effects of free fall from a height of two meters. If a worker tied a safety rope, the vest will protect him from possible “pendulum effect” which can lead to hitting the wall.

Currently, the vest is tested by real use at the power company Enel.

Source — Dainese

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