The bill is about povernennya Donbas dozvola President enter woni mill.

photo: REUTERS

19 June, 2017, 16:29
The bill schodo vbnewline soverenty of Ukraine over the Donbas tymczasowo akupavany territory dozvola enter woni mill Rossum President

About TSE on their storms have a social merezhi Facebook writing people’s Deputy, a groupie group “Informacini protiv” Dmitry Timchuk.

With the words tymchuk, the bill schodo sovereign vbnewline soverenty Ukraine over tymczasowo akupavany territory Donetska Luganska areas dozvola enter woni mill Rossum of the President of Ukraine. Such a proposition znahodytsya in rusl ninskog legislature.

“Nonetheless it razumeti scho “the Law about legal regime wonogo will” – TSE not instrument vikoristannya ZSU, Yak comes of upevneny bagato hto. Wonny Stan Mauger vvoditsya and without going wine and lachey have Razi , zagrozi. He polegche in pevna situations zabezpechennya vikoristannya ZSU,” explaining Timchuk.

Yak by writing to the MP, the law “About legal regime wonogo become” spakowany on versenne administrativnih of pitane “pid in the area of Galician”, obmezhennya rights gromadyan I ZMI, and so further.

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