The Abbot of the tithes monastery of the UOC-MP has the Porsche and the apartment

Yury Haron (video screenshot)

The Abbot “of the monastery of the tithes” of the UOC-MP, which is built illegally on the territory of the National Museum of history, Yuri Charon owns two apartments and two expensive cars. This is stated in the investigation of the Nashi Groshi.

Since July 2013, he owns five Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Multivan. The cost of machinery is estimated at 1-1,5 million UAH each.

“I have anything. It’s my personal business. I’m not asking what you have. I have resources, I have friends, I have a Foundation. Issued in the Fund. The people I help. One gave on the day of birth, the second … Well, I didn’t buy it for Church money for candles. This is ridiculous! Goes to itself and goes. So rejoice it! Envy is a terrible thing,” commented the rector of the origin of the cars.

Yury Haron also owns two apartments in Kyiv. One is on the street Lunacharskogo, an area more than 100 sq m. the Second on the St. Sophia Borshchagovka, area of 57 sq m.

On the website of the tithe of the monastery there is an official price list with the cost of mention of the congregation in the prayers. For life – 500 UAH. You can pay by cash or Bank transfer.

Earlier, the rector appealed to many international bodies and has written a letter to the US President Donald Trump with the request to protect the temple.

In the early 2000s, the clergy began construction on the territory of the National Museum of history of Ukraine. First, there was erected a chapel, and then – major wooden building. Permits for this.

The Ministry of culture is preparing lawsuits against developers in the area near the Foundation of the tithe Church in Kiev.

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