Tesla will build on Nantucket island modern energohranilische battery Powerpack

Became aware of another ambitious project of Tesla, led by Elon Musk. In conjunction with National grid USA (National Grid) is assumed to be set on Nantucket island (Massachusetts) storage system power capacity of 48 MW·h, which will feed all the houses of the island.

The need for additional power arose as a result of population growth of the island. Today it is home to more than 11 thousand inhabitants. Nantucket gets its electricity from the mainland via two underwater cables. Two diesel generators located on the island, is a back-up power sources in case of failure of one of the cables. The third line of the underwater power supply must be laid in the next 12 years.

As explained in National Grid installed battery Powerpack from Tesla will allow to do without a third cable for another 15-20 years, which in combination with the new diesel generator is guaranteed to provide island residents with the necessary amount of energy.

Source — National Grid

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