Synchronized swimming: When I want to cry from happiness

Sunday. Budapest. Incendiary dance Ukrainian Anna VOLOSHINA and Elizabeth YAKHNO liked and the judges and the audience. Photo: fina-budapest2017.com

Swimmers only entered the fight for the medals in Budapest and in the moneybox of the national team of Ukraine has two bronze.

Rising in the technical program on the third step of the podium, Anna Voloshin brought Ukraine a historic world championship medal in solo. Price of bronze was 0.25 points – it is only 25-year-old athlete from Kharkov walked ahead of her after the preliminary competition the Japanese Yukiko Inui. Another bronze prima Ukrainian national team won in the Duo, and the debutant of the world championship Elizabeth yahno.

Not counting the doubles where the medals were given only the second time in the history of the world Cup, solo was the only kind of program in which the Ukrainian team has not yet risen to the top. In fairness, we note that for synchronized swimming awards world competitions, won the soloist of the only eight countries – Russia, China, Japan, Spain, Italy, France, USA and Canada.

Ukrainian athletes the last two of the forum (in Barcelona 2013 proizvola still played Lolita Pineapple, in Kazan-2015 – already in both programs Anna Voloshina) was getting closer to the podium, but to break the Russian-Chinese-Spanish triumvirate they could not manage. This time adjustments to the prelaunch alignment is made in China.

Chinese women, as in the first year of the last Olympic cycle, have once again decided to bring the world Cup to sacrifice National games. Only if in Barcelona in 2013 they put solo but never delivered in Budapest-2017 to do the opposite. Thus, a place on the podium in the Hungarian capital was as if vacant and the main contender for him, it seemed, was our Anna Voloshin.

Yes, the prima ballerina of the Ukrainian national team is objectively difficult to compete, at least in the technical part (part of the charisma she anyone can give odds) 23-year-old Russian Svetlana Kolesnichenko, catching after Rio the torch from their star compatriots Ishchenko and Romashina. It may not be played in solo with the juniors, but the twelve awards of the world Championships in other species (2011, 2013, 2015) and the Olympic gold medal (2016) speak for themselves.

That Solveig from Gatchina will be in the Hungarian capital out of the competition, it became clear after the preliminary competition in the technical program, which took place on the first day of the world Cup. Kolesnichenko more than one and a half points ahead of nearest rival ONU Carbonell. The award-winning Spanish pay tribute to her skills very organically looked the snake transform into which helped her enchanting music of Peter Gabriel and eminent French three-time world champion Virginie Didier.

But for the bronze started a real battle between Yukiko Inui and Anna Voloshin. In Kazan in 2015, when the fight was for fourth place, and this season in a dispute over the gold stage of World series of FINA in France convincing was the representative of Ukraine. But in the Hungarian basin to the Japanese in the preliminary competition managed to get ahead on 0,322 Voloshin. First and foremost, the assessment elements, as in execution and artistic impression both participants according to the judges was about the same level. But on Saturday our compatriot beat Inui its own weapons.

When 25-year-old from Kharkov arrived at the start in the final, her main rival his technical solos already performed. In fairness, we note that even though Masaya Emura and set the trust a new program, the style of the old it is not much different. The same chaotic music, that is less combative, without a specific image with stringing, albeit a fairly skilled one element to another.

Against this background, a touching room Voloshin the song “Slo bird” in which one movement literally poured another, looked much more advantageously, rated by judges, putting a Ukrainian 91.9992 91.7490 against athletes from Japan. A little more than three points lost to Anna in the end, the winner, Russian Svetlana Kolesnichenko and about a half – a silver medalist of the Spanish Onet Carbonell.

– To win a medal in solo was my main goal at the world Cup in Budapest, – admitted in an interview to the official website of FINA , Anna Voloshin, I dreamed about that medal because she’s the only one that was missing in my collection. In the group I climbed on the podium in Barcelona-2013, duet in Kazan in 2015. Here after a fourth place in the preliminary competition, the whole team were very supportive. I’m so glad that we were able to improve your score and climb one place up. For me, this bronze is very important! So when I saw the rating, I almost cried. I think that not the last role in this success played music. We successfully delivered a program on Ukrainian motifs in duet at the Olympic Games in Rio. That is why solo decided to choose our song that is close and clear to my heart – and not lost.

Ukraine-Japan duel of the solo segued into the duet competition, and here is the first in the queue to the pedestal was considered just Japanese women. At the last world forum awards judges were divided, so to say, fraternally. In the technical program bronze went to representatives of the Country of the rising sun, in arbitrary – Anna Voloshin and the lolita Pineapple. But at the Olympics in Rio, where he played the all-around, Themis gave preference to wards Masaya Emory. And judges set up in March this year on the stage of World FINA series in Paris. In addition to the Japanese threat existed, and Spanish. In Las Palmas at the end of may with the support of native stands Onet Carbonell with Paula Ramirez also managed to beat students Svetlana Saidova.

It should be noted that in all three of the above mentioned duets left half from the Olympic sample Rio. Russia, in turn, the composition is refreshed completely and the only Chinese woman brought an old pair of Jiang tingting and Jiang Wangwang. 30-year-old twins from Chengdu shone long before Olympus came star of silver medalist Rio Xuecheng Huang and sun Wenyan. They were bronze medal winners in Rome-2009 and Vice-world Champions (2011, 2013), as well as the team stood on the Olympic podium (2008, 2012). After the National games-2013 of sister Jiang, in the center of the judicial scandal and bureaucratic squabbles, retired from the sport two years later both became moms, but coming out of maternity leave, I decided once again to try his luck in the pool. No wonder. In the Hungarian capital stronger Spanish dance Chinese synchronised swimming team technical routine was the only “Cabaret” Russian women Svetlana Kolesnichenko and Alexandra Patskevich (94,0775 against 95,0515).

Anna Voloshin together with your new partner Vice-champion of Europe and the world among juniors (2016) and bronze medalist of the European games in Baku 2015 Elizabeth Yakhno application for the bronze made in the preliminary competitions, more than half a point ahead of Yukiko Inui with Mai Nakamura and 1.3 – rivals from Spain. Moreover, the Olympic program our girls in the Ukrainian style and the audience is clearly more to their liking than the Japanese samurai in skirts and “water Drops” from Spain.

As the fates exactly Voloshin and Yakhno completed yesterday the final technical program of duets and when the scoreboard flashed the number three, their joy knew no bounds. Ukrainian girls even jumped for joy at the sight assessments 92,6482 that was on 0,591 more than Inui and Nakamura and nearly two points than the Duo from Spain.

Anna SAVCHIK, Sport-Express in Ukraine

BUDAPEST. The world championship on water sports. July 15. Open water. Men. 5 km. 1. Olivier (France) – 54.31,4. 2. Cancello (Italy) – 54.32,1. 3. Shuttleworth (UK) – 54.42,1. 4. Abrosimov (Russia) – 54.45,9. 5. Ponte (Brazil) – 54.47,1. 6. Of Manzi (Italy) – 54.47,6… 11. Ho* (South Africa) – 54.48,6… 27. CHERVINSKY – 55.13,9… 39. SNITKO (both – Ukraine) – 55.46,3.

Jumping into the water. Men. A springboard of 3 m. Synchronised diving. 1. Kuznetsov And Zakharov (Russia) – 450,30. 2. Cao Yuan*/CE Sii (China) – 443,40. 3. KOLODY/KVASHA (Ukraine) – of 429.99. 4. LOGER/Mirs (UK) – 418,20. 5. FEC/Hausding (Germany) – 415,35. 6. Dorman/Hickson (USA) – 409,05.

Women. A springboard of 1 m. 1. Keene (Australia) – 314,95. 2. Bazhina (Russia) – 304,70. 3. Bertocci (Italy) – 296,40. 4. Chen Yiwen (China) – 294,70. 5. Polyakova (Russia) – 289,05. 6. Punzel (Germany) – 284,25. In the preliminary round: 20. PISMENSKAYA – 241,00… 34. SHELESTYUK (both – Ukraine) – 211,30.

Mixed. The tower is 10 m. Synchronised diving. 1. Zhen Qian/Liang Cunizza (China) – 352,98. 2. The Toulson/Lee (UK) – 323,28. 3. Kim Mi Re/Hyung Il Myung of Korea (DPRK) – 318,12. 4. Timoshinin/Victor Minibaev (Rus) – 310,08. 5. Benfeito/Zsombor-Murray (Canada) – 307,80. 6. Itahashi/Murakami (Japan) – 307,74… 12. LYULKO/DEBTS (Ukraine) – 287,34.

Synchronized swimming. Solo. The technical program. 1. Kolesnichenko (Russia) – 95,2036. 2. Carbonell (Spain) – 93,6534. 3. VOLOSHIN (Ukraine) – 91,9992. 4. Inui (Japan) – 91,7490. 5. Simoneau (Canada) – 89,5000. 6. Cerruti (Italy) – 88,3369.

July 16. Open water. Women. 10 km. 1. Muller* (France) – 2:00.13,7. 2. Arevalo (Ecuador) – 2:00.17,0. 3. Cunha (Brazil), Bridey – 2:00.17,2. 5. Bruni (both Italy) – 2:00.21,4. 6. Anderson (USA) – 2:00.25,9… 48. PANCHISCO – 2:12.12,5… 52. KIRIK (both – Ukraine) – 2:17.02,2.

Jumping into the water. Men. A springboard of 1 m. 1. Peng Jianfeng – 448,40. 2. Ho Chao (both China) – 447,20. 3. Tochi (Italy) – 444,25. 4. Hausding (Germany) – 439,25. 5. Hickson (USA) – 439,15. 6. KOLODIY – 419,05. In the preliminary round of: 16. KVASHA (both is Ukraine) – 349,20.

Synchronized swimming. Duets. The technical program. 1. Russia* (Kolesnichenko, Patskevich) – 95,0515. 2. China (Jiang Tingting, Jiang Wangwang) – 94,0775. 3. UKRAINE (Voloshin, Yakhno) – 92,6482. 4. Japan (Inui, Nakamura) – 92,0572. 5. Spain (Carbonel, Ramirez) – 90,7507. 6. Italy (Cerruti, Ferro) – 89,2463.

* champion (champion) world 2015.

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