Suspect in bribe detective NEB: “Pidozra” no one gave

Oleg Babenko (photos www.facebook.com/oleg.babenko.777)

The suspect in the alleged attempt to bribe the detective to NAB a $500 thousand said that he was not involved in the crime and suspicion of him no one gave. About it the Deputy of the Odessa regional Council Oleg Babenko said on his page on Facebook.

“The information that appeared in some media with the filing of NABOO that I alleged offer of a bribe of 500 thousand dollars for the solution of some questions connected with “Cranham” is a fiction, a provocation. It is nothing like a bubble which has no real grounds,” he said.

He said that rejects all accusations against him and requires from NABOO, “if they have honor and conscience” to publish audio or video evidence, or apologize.

“Also untrue information about the fact that I was informed about the suspicion. About all that is happening, I learned from the media. “Pidozra” nobody handed”, he said.

Babenko said that in the near future “back” to Kiev, and he will show up in NABU, do not, according to him, it is not a “beneficiary of commercial transactions”.

Earlier it was reportedthat the Deputy and his alleged accomplice employees of NAB and Prosecutor General’s office reported on 12 January on suspicion of trying to bribe the detective in exchange for removal of arrest from accounts of the firms involved, according to the investigation, in the scheme of appropriation of budget funds by the sale of Odessa city hall building of the state enterprise “Factory region”at inflated prices.

Later, the media appeared information that the head of the investigation Department in the economy of the GPU, Vladimir Gutsulyak did not deny involvement in the matter is Babenko. According to him, the Deputy fled from law enforcement officers and conducted investigative activities.

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