Superleague: a Jubilee record, “Chemist”

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Main event during the tour in the historical aspect was that the current champion of the country yuzhnensky “Chemist”, in Zaporizhia in the first away match having beaten local “Orbit”, thus exceeded the record of the national Championships according to the number of continuous winning streak, and brought him to the jubilee number “50”.

And the next day, the wards of coach Andrei Romanovich and surpassed it by opening the sixth unbeaten ten.

In the first of these matches the record could not take place because the ladies in Zaporozhye often led a team to develop coaches Vladimir and Irina Buzaevym Komisarovas, not only gave battle to the champion, but was quite not a Ghost of a chance of success. And this even applies to the odd lost three of their parties. Thus, in the first set before the account 17:17 the game was actually point to point and sometimes the “Orbit” was in the role of leader.

But when guests to the filing of Catherine Angelica managed to knock the host out of the reception with the subsequent finishing of the ball by Diana Karpets and Anastasia Cribby – “the Chemist” has sharply gone faster. In the third game, second 12:15, ladies in Zaporozhye often caught opponents (22:22), but then ACE Daria Drozd, powerful strokes Crabby and Angelica tipped the scales to the side of winnoc. And on the fifth, cropped tie-break Orbita generally were close to winning the match when he led 11:9. And in the climax all decided in favor of the “Chemist” of his unit, which he successively performed Karpets earned three points and Crabby two.

As for the second and the fourth won by the hosts of the sets, in their courage they were due to successful actions in attack of Victoria Lochmandy, Polina and Ksenia Pass Pugach, tenacity to the back line, Libero Victoria Nikolaychuk before entering the endgame was the leader respectively – 22:16 and 20:14. And although the “Chemist” in the first case it was possible to reduce the gap to two points (21:23), and the second to overtake the fugitives (23:23), the endings of these sets were in “Orbit”.

Ladies in Zaporozhye often tried to compete with the Champions in the second meeting. In her launch party hostess initially led 7:6, but released on submission of the Thrush knocked them out of the reception and earned three ACE, transforming the score in favour of the “Chemist” – 15:7. The debut of the second set Orbita generally the beginning of a very dashing (9:4). But after came the equality (14:14), the further course of the game went under the dictation of winnoc and they are again in a series of innings restless Thrush, again crowned with three aces, won the final cut 10:1. Don’t give up ladies in Zaporozhye often to account 10:10 and 15:17 in the third game, but then also managed to get hold of just one game point.

It was expected that in Ternopil will be a cool confrontation between the finalists of the last Cup and super Cup of Ukraine, fourth in the previous national championship volleyball players local “Galychanka” and silver medal “Alashara”. However, their first showdown was marked superiority led a team to develop Victor Turcului the hosts. Yes, vinnitchenko, led by player-coach Yulia Yakusheva, in the first set and partly the second the opponent had a pretty strong resistance. But numerous errors have become for them a stumbling block. And, of course, a crucial role in the victory of “Galychanka” played a harmonious tandem which made the binder Alena Stashevskaya and diagonalize Anna Efremenko. The first of them clearly supplied with the second gear, and that caused the striking blows.

But it’s “dry” parties lose, as it turned out, was for the “Bilozgar” a byword. The next day, vinnitchenko demonstrated that their old dog still has quite a lot of gunpowder. After three very tense sets ladies were ahead – 2:1. When hostess, meeting, in all respects outplayed opponents in the fourth game and leveled the score, it seemed that this match will end in favor of “Galychanka”. And what? And the fact that dewanoumi veteran Yulia Yakusheva together with the young partners, taking advantage of the mistakes of ternopolschina and successful actions of their tandem in the composition of the binder Anne Gotovos and sabishii Elena Squandered, seized the initiative and has brought the matter to a rematch.

The matches of this tour with two other couples of opposing teams, as in Rivne and Lutsk, it took almost a blueprint. The wards of coach “Regina” Igor Tartakovsky, led by their captain Jelena Hrytsuniak not easily won the first game sponsored mentor “Severodonecke” Gary Egiazarov. Then as if in unison gave way to the young guests, whose tone was set by the only experienced Anastasia Zhuk, the second sets. But third and fourth has passed under dictation of Housewives.

As for the “dry” parties wins the bronze medallists of the previous season pupils mentor “Volyn” Bohuslav Galician above the debutantes wards super League coach of the capital’s “Favorite” Igor Popov, about the huge advantage of luchanok in all elements of volleyball is already more than evident in the balance of game points. In the first meeting he was 75:30 and the second – 75:27. Comment here is superfluous…

Vladimir KAZIMIROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

Orbita (Zaporozhye) – Chemist (South) – 2:3 (18:25, 25:21, 22:25, 25:23, 11:15) and 0:3 (17:25, 15:25, 16:25), games – respectively, 111 and 62 minutes.

Galychanka (Ternopil) – Belonger (Vinnitsa) – 3:0 (25:23, 25:21, 25:14) and 2:3 (24:26, 25:21, 23:25, 25:14, 10:15), 72 and 109 minutes.

Volyn (Lutsk) – Favorit (Kiev) – 3:0 (25:10, 25:6, 25:14) and 3:0 (25:9, 25:7, 25:11), 49 and 47 minutes.

Regina (Rovno) – Severodonecke – 3:1 (25:21, 19:25, 25:17, 25:17) and 3:1 (25:22, 20:25, 25:16, 25:16), 84 and 81 minutes.

IN (TB) P (TB)/N

1. Chemist 10 10 (2) 0 (0) 30:4 28

2. Volyn 10 8 (0) 2 (0) 24:10 24

3. Galychanka 10 7 (0) 3 (2) 25:11 23

4. Orbit 10 5 (1) 5 (1) 19:18 15

5. Regina 10 5 (0) 5 (0) 17:20 15

6. Bilozgar 10 5 (1) 5 (0) 17:17 14

7. Severodonecke 10 0 (0) 10 (1) 6:30 1

8. Favorite 10 0 (0) 10 (0) 2:30 0

6th tour, December 8-9: Chemist – Regina, Bilozgar – Orbit, Volyn vs Galychanka. 15-16 December. Favorit – Severodonecke.

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