Start of hope. 2018 will be a very cruel business

Start of hope. 2018 will be a very cruel business

Why passion cannot be called on a pointer: people are either obsessed with his idea and believes in it or not


It has long been noticed that the second half of January — the most depressing part of the year. Total depression at this time affects not only individuals, but all kinds of companies and even whole countries.

Judge for yourself: Christmas-the alcoholic fog vanished during the festive waste are compensated is that wishes a comfortable new year, the U.S. and North Korea on the brink of nuclear war, and we have again the cold until spring and yet Oh how far.

The hands lowered themselves. But in those days it becomes obvious the difference between those who really want change and those who are afraid of the light. Forward strong people out from the start. They had come out from vacation, faster integrated into the working process. Most colleagues can exchange experiences about the holidays, and they have prepared a folder with new ideas.

However, a new wave of entrepreneurs hurrying to fiscal service to close his business, is eloquent testimony to the fact that 2018 will be very cruel to the business. Especially to those who want to start something from scratch. They are waiting for disappointment and smirks broken time skeptics. That’s only wins of such people is always more. Simply because they’re much more likely to try.

And still one of enthusiasm and powerful energy for the realization of ambitious projects is not enough.

Need the money. Willing to part with them in protracted crisis as in Ukraine and abroad — less

It is here that, at the stage of negotiations with potential investors, idea generators will be divided into stable and unstable. The fact is that in 2018, the failure to invest in the Ukrainian projects will be much more than four years after the victory of the revolution of dignity. Just because in a country where private property is prohibitively poorly protected by the state, investors do not go. And no election promises of the authorities to change the situation will not help.

At the finish line where they give out awards strong and persistent will be the few that are in the process of generating ideas and finding sources of funding will not forget the rules of a successful negotiator. First of all, out of head the purpose of negotiations. Second — never to ask. Third, guided by the interest of the investor. But the most important thing is to act enthusiastically. Surprisingly, the experience of most of the negotiators shows that the hardest to perform is the last paragraph. Because the passion cannot be called on a pointer: people are either obsessed with his idea and believes in it or not.

In the end we have poslenovogodny a prescription antidepressant, and with it the recipe for success in the upcoming challenging year: strength, vitality, and enthusiasm for the idea. If these words cause you a burst of unbridled energy and a burning desire to bring an idea to life, still not too late to catch up with those who started earlier.

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