Spain will lead the investigation against 700 mayors of Catalonia

Photo: EPA

The public Prosecutor’s office of Spain declares that it will hold an inquiry against more than 700 Catalan mayors in support of a referendum on independence, which was suspended by the court. About it reports Agency Associated Press.

The Catalan coalition, advocating for the independence, asked the 947 mayors in the North-Eastern region to help in the referendum.

On Wednesday, the General Prosecutor of Spain, Jose Manuel Maza ordered the provincial prosecutors to investigate 712 mayors, who have already invited local government offices to vote on 1 October. He ordered the Catalan police to arrest those who will not come to testify.

6 September 2017, the Parliament of Catalonia approved a referendum on independence. The constitutional court suspended the adopted by the Parliament of Catalonia of the law, but the Catalans still adopted the law on the procedure of secession from Spain and the transition period.

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