“Smart” mines. Experti foretold about the 41 type novotneho rosijskogo osbrone on Donbas

8 March, 2017, 15:58
Miniratna splinta InformNapalm dential 41 type osbrone spectehniki of the Russian Federation on Donbass

About TSE powderly press-service splete have in order to claim Russie in Sud in GaAs about osbrone, Yak nachebto znajshli from the mines of Donbas.

“Base difference with the facts dentipes rosiyskih tips osbrone on Donbas postijno rossius I Popovtsy. If you have Govt 2016 rock in tions Bulo 33 teepee Russian techni, the online version of the bazi difference, newness noprint January 2017 the rock, got vzhe 41st show,” reads podollan.

Ngalasutta scho TSI Dan pdcre deltay OSINT-Rosslyn s photos I diameterlarge, and TSE bring to scho RF systematically zabezpecovaci I prodaju zabezpecovaci terrorists that their vesiculobullous on Donbas Suchasna vijskovomu technol.

“Blsa part techni in SWT – porwnanie Novi zrazki, that nadili on osbrone ZS of the Russian Federation the company s 2004-2015 years. I Viskova techno not virables in Ukraine, blesst Nikoli in Ukraine not Northvale, that Vaughn could not apinitis the gate of Yak wonny trophy. Required noted, scho management that obslugovuvannya notno Wonna techni potrebu zaluchennya qualla staff, namely: Kadrovik rosiyskih in the area of Galician”, – received from the organization.

  • Nagado, scho pid hour Rosiya rozpadu call Ukraine from Miniratna Sud UN GaAs sterjo scho boyoviki on Donbas Sami znajshli weapon – Radyans’ka ABO saleseo Zbrojnej forces of Ukraine in the mines.

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