Smart clothing Petit Pli grows with the baby

Children grow and their clothes, unfortunately, no. To solve this eternal problem will help smart children’s clothing Petit Pli, recently awarded the prestigious international award in the field of industrial design the James Dyson Award.

The Creator of Petit Pli – Ryan Mario Yasin, engineer-designer of aircraft. The development of the garment was inspired by the case. One day he bought some clothes as a gift for my nephew, but when the time came to give them, they were his already hopelessly small.

“Children during the first two years of life grow 7 sizes, explains Yasin. – Petit Pli made of waterproof, accordion-pleated material that can “grow” several sizes in all directions, literally turning and stretching, adjusting to the growth of his young master”.

Unusual “growing” clothing the child can use from four months to three years. It is very durable, not afraid of wind and rain, in well-washed.

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