Senselessly and mercilessly. Old New year and other weird holidays

Senselessly and mercilessly. Old New year and other weird holidays


Some traditions are so old that irrevocably gone from memory. And holidays are


Old New year is a perfect example of meaningless holiday. The double dates we had in 1918, when Ukraine switched from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. Reform is not agreed, the Orthodox Church, so Christmas was moved from December 25 to January 7. The new year is not a Church holiday, but it did not prevent him from “bifurcate”. Now to celebrate the old New year makes no sense — it is unlikely that we have multitudes of people who would deny the Gregorian calendar. And it’s not the only holiday in Ukraine and in other countries there are still dates that mark by inertia, when their traditional component, and at least some sense erased.

Boxing day. When the celebration was over, and the fun I want

In many countries of Europe and in the UK celebrate Boxing Day — and that day is not Boxing, but the “boxes” or gifts. It is celebrated on 26 December, on the second day of Christmas, when everyone gathers under the Christmas tree and unwrap gifts. In the seventeenth century meaning of this holiday was the fact that the aristocrats were feeding the needy remnants of Christmas dinner, rewarded his servants for their good work with gifts, they were called “Christmas boxes”, and was released for the day to see his family. Now this tradition is gone, and the holiday remained. And the day someone spends with a family, someone goes shopping, but in African countries, once part of the British Empire, hold competitions in Boxing.

“Dousing Mondaylock”. What has become of the concept of purity

Monday after Easter is traditionally held “douches”, or “poliani” Monday — and in Ukraine and in other Slavic countries, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia. When the day met the spring and spent polochany ceremony, similar to Christmas carols — singing and house-to-house. And it was decided to sprinkle each other with water in sign of purification and resurrection of Christ. Now volochine song nobody sings, the house does not avoid, leaving only a douche, including the fountains and buckets.

The day of age. An excuse to wear kimono once a year

Now the remembrance of the ancestors and martyrs with the martyrs turned into a children’s party for adults

The second Monday of January in Japan to celebrate coming of age Day and hold the ceremony for young people over the age of 20 years. Historically this holiday is associated with the rites of initiation — the transition to adult status. For that boys special way shaved and braided pigtail, changed the children’s name on an adult and put on a “adult” kimono. The girl blackened teeth, shaved eyebrows and also wore adult clothes. These attributes of adulthood in Japan is irrelevant, and a kimono in everyday life the inhabitants of the country are not. But the holiday remained.

Midsummer. As a sacred ritual turned into Amateur

At the summer solstice, we still celebrate Midsummer. In pre-Christian times it was one of the most important celebrations of the annual cycle, when people are using rituals was to appease the gods and ask for fertility and a good harvest. And even now you continue to jump over the fire to put wreaths with lighted candles on the river and sing Midsummer songs, the sacred meaning of these rites has apparently been forgotten. Instead, he added Amateur. For example, in the regional centers carry out the “official part” of the feast with mummers Neptune and mermaids, who read the verses according to the script, and then they need to grab and throw into the river.

Halloween. As to age regress

In folklore there is one basic rule: if any genre dried up, he goes into the category of children. It happened with tales and the celebration of Halloween. Its origins reach back to the Celts, who at the end of October celebrate the harvest and to commemorate their ancestors. The Catholic Church appropriated and reinterpreted pagan holiday, back to it all saints Day, one of the most important in the Church calendar. Now the remembrance of the ancestors and martyrs with the martyrs turned into a children’s party for adults with dressing up, trick-or-treating and pumpkin a constant horror story. But what would the child have anything he wants, if only in joy.

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