Second League: a powerful argument of “Dnepr”. 16 tour (VIDEO)

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Wednesday played only a group B, where they remained of the original dozen teams.

The boiling point was not the departure of a leader in Nikolaev, don’t expect another defeat Metalurh and Dnipro Derby. And not only for football reasons.

DNEPR – DNEPR-1 – 2:0 (1:0)

Goals: Doubek, 43 (1:0). Nazarenko, 80 (2:0).

Dnipro: Bashtanenko, Paluch, Kulinich, Cooper, Kirichuk, Nazarene, Nazarenko (Poddubny, 90+1), Ilin (Vojtehovsky, 82), Budniak (Semenov, 57), Vergun (Doroshenko, 84), Doubt (Mikhailenko, 90+2).

“Dnepr-1”: Yurchuk, Loperena, Logins, Brovchenko, Field, Lyashenko, Kogut, Snizhko, Zacharkiw (Float, 46), Wojciechowski, Huchbarov (Sula, 65).

Punishment: Vergun, 15. Kulinich, 34. Brovchenko, 45. Bashtanenko, 61. Snizhko, 69. Sula, 70. Nazarene, 84. Logins, 86 (warnings).

Judge: V. Aranovsky (Kiev).

11 Oct. Dnepr. “Dnipro-Arena”. 10 degrees. 2500 viewers (up 31 003).

All Derby Derby! In the same city with two almost same clubs that divided fans into two camps. Those that call themselves ultras, remained with the blue-white-blue, spiceroads from the Premier League. New black-yellow (or yellow-black) still have fans to win. While they are not very much.

Maybe the process goes like something different, if from the “Dnepr” that, without unity, will continue to remove points for debt, and the one with the unity, rise in class.

Meanwhile, for the second season in head-to-head confrontation (the first ended in a goalless draw) team approached in a different human condition. Wards Dmitry Mikhaylenko (“Dnepr-1”) was left without its captain Sergei Kravchenko, serving a suspension, failed to return from playing in Albania’s national Junior team triumphant speaking at the qualifying tournament CHE-2018 (U-19) with four players.

Among them, especially not enough midfielder Alexander Belyaev, and Timothy Rusk, Alexander Safronov and Vladislav Supryaga, of course, would not be superfluous.


Dnipro have also been losses. In the youth national team were called two of his player. But if Yuri Vakulko ran off in the match against the Dutch with the captain’s armband for 90 minutes, Artem Doubek after returning to the youth team Artem Besedin was it not claimed, went back to the club and play. He opened the scoring in the first half, running away from the opponent during one of the counterattacks, which built his game team Alexander over poklonsky.

After the break Coanda Mikhailenko actively went forward, but once again finishing let us down. And the lack of coordination between the goalkeeper Valery Urcecam and Yuri Brovchenko took advantage of the hosts ‘ midfielder Alexander Nazarenko.

However, the main thing in this meeting was not that, but the behaviour of the ultras “Dnepr”. At the game they unfurled a banner that read, “We will break you Birch and collapse your “Dock”. If anyone knows what Yuri Birch MP, President of the SC “Dnepr-1” and “Berth” is the unofficial name of a website, telling about the things is not the same as official website of “Dnepr” and two (!) city teams. Can be considered neutral.

The claims put forward by others, but for some reason not the one with whom the division into two camps started…


This ultras was not enough, and during the break they went to the sector, where there were fans of “Dnepr-1” and the Birch, after noting that the invading swept away in its path children. The result of the campaign, selected a drum and banner, which were then ceremoniously burned directly into the stands, and broken face of the President.

And the football part of the “Dnepr” and its fans this Sunday a game on the road to Kharkov for a meeting with the leader. Kharkiv and Dnipro fans have long linked a complicated relationship, but now the situation is very very extraordinary…


Dmitry MIKHAILENKO, head coach of “Dnipro-1”:

If I say that the opponent didn’t deserve the win, you probably won’t be right. But the game could have turned out differently, had we converted early in the second half their chances. While Dnipro waited and waited for our mistake at the end. After the second goal was not, perhaps, the psychological confidence to play two balls.

We were motivated to win, and I believe that our team is not weaker. Even after our first meeting I said, Bashtanenko, Vakulko and Davicom “Dnepr” on forces to leave in the first League. It shows and standings.

Alexander POKLONSKY, the head coach of Dnipro:

We were motivated to win. The opponent may have been a higher class, but we’ve built the game. It is clear that minutes of the 60-th it was already hard, and I felt that the opponent can break the resistance.

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

Shipbuilder – Metalist 1925 – 0:1 (The Novels, 59).

Nikopol, Ingulec-2 – 2:0 (Kolomoets, 10, 90+20, penalty).

Real Pharma – Nikolaev-2 – 2:0 (A. Bondarenko, 45+6, Polishchuk, 84).

World – Energy – 1:1 (D. Bondarenko, 36, penalty – Masta, 65).

Tavria – metallurg – 8:0 (Voronchenko, 7, 33, Logvinenko, 9, 42, 55, Masalov, 13, 69 Influenza, pen, 71).


1. Metalist 1925 16 12 2 2 38 44-14

2. Dnepr 16 10 4 2 32-14 34

3. Dnepr-1 15 10 2 3 35-8 32

4. Energy 16 9 2 5 28-18 29

5. Real Pharma 16 8 2 6 26 28-18

6. World 16 6 6 4 24 17-13

7. Tavria 16 6 3 7 21 25-23

8. Nikopol 16 5 6 5 21 13 to 16

9. Nikolaev-2 16 4 3 9 19-33 15

10. Shipbuilder 15 3 3 9 19-39 12

11. Ingulets-2 16 2 3 11 18-36 9

12. Metallurg 16 2 0 14 6 8-55

Scorers: Davydov (Metalist 1925) – 19, Doubt (Dnipro) – 9, Masta (Energy) – 9.

17-th round. 15 Oct: Dnipro-1 – Nikopol, 1925 Metalist – Dnipro, Tavria – World. 16 Oct: Nikolaev-2 – Energy, Ingulets-2 – real Pharma, Metallurgist, boat – Builder.

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