Scorpions are able to “customize” the poison for defense and attack

Photo: EPA

The Scorpions have learned to subtly adjust a toxic mix for those animals that attack them, and for their victims. About it, according to Naked Science.

Australian biologist Jamie Seymour and his colleagues from James cook University have conducted studies, and found that the proportions and number of components of the venom may vary.

The researchers placed the Scorpions in a variety of conditions in which they either constantly interacting with grasshoppers (the victim), or were fed dead crickets (control), or met regularly with a stuffed mouse (predator).

Six weeks later, the scientists took the Scorpion venom and analyzed its composition. It turned out that in conditions of constant threat of attack it was found more toxins effective against mammals, and less applicable to insects.

This does not mean that Scorpions are able to “tune” your poison “on the fly”, directly in front of the defence or the attack. However, prolonged exposure to appropriate environmental conditions leads to a slow but steady change in the composition of toxic cocktail.

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