SAP blamed the courts to sabotage the gas business in all episodes

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Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors have accused the courts of “systematic sabotage” of the so-called gas business “all episodes”. The corresponding statement SAP announced in his Facebook.

“You can observe a systemic sabotage by the judicial system in all the episodes of the so-called gas business”, – stated in the message.

In particular, 10 Nov 2017 NABU and SAP filed a petition for in absentia fugitive investigation against national Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko and five other defendants in the case, hiding from the investigation, but the court still didn’t look at him.

“The next meeting for consideration of the petition is scheduled for January 16, 2018, i.e. two months after the appeal of the detective investigating judge, but in General – within a period six times the period allotted by CPC to conduct the procedural actions”, – said in a statement. Therefore SAP has decided to withdraw the petition and file it in court again.

Also in the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office noted that the court invalidated the application of the detective NABS the extradition by Spain Onishchenko. The Ministry said that Ukraine has sent the request to Madrid in December 2016, however, counsel for the MP appealed against “actions that are not appealed” when Spain took over the inquiry.

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“It is unlikely that such actions of judicial authorities of Ukraine will contribute to the prestige of our country in the international community and, in particular, legal relations in extradition when the country, which prompted the offender believes to her instruments, and a separate investigating judge, a year after their directions – no,” – said in a statement.

SAP also complain that the Solomensky regional court of Kiev was unable to assign a reserve judge to the bench in the proceedings PJSC Ukrgasdobycha alleged “lack of judges”, and the appellate court refused to refer the case to another court because the Solomensky court “tried again” to form a Board.

“According to prosecutors, these actions are associated with the expectation of appointment to the Solomianskyi district court seconded for a period of six months, judges, and upon expiration of the trips of these judges, one of which will determine the spare in the case, it again should be sent to the distribution to determine the judges and everything will start again”, – noted in Prosecutor’s office.

12 Oct 2017 militiamen detained the suspect in the case of gas, who had absconded for more than a year.

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