Rutte stood up for the foreign Minister of the Netherlands: Russia is the expansion of

Mark Rutte (photo – Getty Images)

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte believes that the former head of the foreign Ministry Halbe Zijlstra, who resigned because of its lies about the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his plans for a ‘greater Russia’, did not lie, speaking about the expansionist policy of the Russian Federation. Such statement the Prime Minister made on 13 February in Parliament, which discussed the scandal surrounding the Minister, according to Reuters.

During the debates the deputies asked Rutte why he learned about lying Telstra a few weeks ago, did not inform Parliament.

The Prime Minister admitted that he had underestimated the consequences of the scandal, but noted that the Minister was right in his statements about Putin.

“Lying is a sin, but not mortal… If you look at what Russia has done over the past 10-15 years, the policy to which they adhered, you will have to say that it is aimed at expansion,” said Rutte.

MPs put to the vote motions of censure against the Prime Minister, but the decision did not have enough votes.

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13 February 2018, the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Halbe Zijlstra acknowledged that he had lied about a meeting with Russian President 12 years ago, and stated that he was resigning.

In March 2017 Zijlstra claimed that he was present at the meeting with Putin in 2006, when he spoke about the plans for the “great Russia”, which supposedly should include Ukraine and Belarus. Later, the Minister admitted that he was not at the meeting, and learned information from the source.

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