Russians in Syria was killed attempting to capture field – media

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Russian mercenaries in Syria was destroyed during the attempts to seize oil and gas fields in the province of Deir ez-Zor. About it reports Kommersant.

“According to Russian military sources, the cause of the incident in the province of Deir ez-Zor in the North of the country was the attempt by a local “big business, currently supporting Bashar al-Assad, to seize oil and gas fields under the control of the Kurdish allies of the United States. To this end, in the offensive moved the Pro-government tribal formation, and the so-called hunting parties on the ISIS reinforced PMCs soldiers Wagner was in the second echelon”, – notes the edition.

The source claims that the alleged Russian commanders in Syria were not given approval to conduct offensive operations in the oil field, which was perceived as a “dangerous Amateur”.

A former colleague of several destroyed by the Russians PMC Wagner said that already communicated with the wounded eyewitnesses to the battle of Deir ez-Zor in one of the Russian hospitals.

According to him, that day a detachment of PMCs exposed to fire, really, there were about 600 people armed with small arms and artillery and tanks.

Most of the group consisted of Russian-speaking fighters, and only a smaller part was the so-called ISIS Hunters.

“In fact, it’s reinforced battalion, but in PMC Wagner this is called detachment. No MANPADS, no air support they had. And no it is not promised. The entire calculation was that after shelling our fast will storm the plant, the Kurds threw down their weapons. And the Americans will not be beaten, when you started the melee,” said the source.

He added that by the beginning of hostilities to be deployed in battle order, only managed half of them. “The rest of the PMC soldiers in armored vehicles lined up in convoy 8 km to the East from the demarcation line between Pro-government forces and SDS”, the message reads.

According to Russian military sources, the death toll of Russians of 7 February amounted to 11 people.

12 Feb 2018 investigative group Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT, – ed.) learned the names of four Russians killed in Syria February 7, in the air strikes of the international anti-terrorist coalition under the command of the United States.

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