Russia threatened U.S. retaliation for the downed in Syrian su-22

Photo: EPA

Russia threatened retaliation for the downed Americans in Syria’s combat aircraft forces, the local dictator Bashar al-Assad. About it on Russian television said the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Russian Federation Council international Affairs Vladimir Jabbarov.

The politician reminded that Syria deployed the complexes s-300 Syrian troops and install Russian s-400 Triumph.

“So to shoot down aircrafts unacceptable – get retaliation,” – said dzhabarov, adding that “all this can lead to a conflict.”

Russian Senator believes that necessary “urgent talks” with the United States on the situation with the downed su-22, the Syrian air force.

On the evening of June 18 fighter-bomber U.S. F/A-18E Super Hornet immediately shot down su-22 the Syrian regime after the Syrian air force struck blow to the armed opposition near Tabka in raqqa province. Damascus said it downed the aircraft allegedly bombed the militants of the terrorist organization Islamic state.

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