Russia and USA are very close to each other in Syria

Russia and USA are very close to each other in Syria

Both sides claim provocation


The defense Ministry of Russia accused the United States in the transfer to terrorists in Syria, information that is allowed to surround a platoon of Russian military police. This, according to Moscow, made to prevent a successful attack Syrian troops in the Russian support.

USA, in turn, accused Russia of air strikes on its allies near the location of the American soldiers.

Medusa presented a chronicle of the confrontation.

Russia, along with Iran and Turkey in may of 2017 is trying to establish in Syria a zone of de-escalation.

15 September was held the sixth round of negotiations, which failed to agree on the boundaries of all four zones, where you must sign a ceasefire. The latter was the area in Idlib province in the Northwest of the country, which managed to agree only in September. Was decided to send the Russian military police.

On 20 September, the defense Ministry said on the attack of terrorists from “jabhat an-Nusra” in the area of Idlib.

According to Moscow, one of the goals of the insurgents was the capture of a platoon of military police (29 people), recently launched in the province. Police sent special forces, who were able to break through the encirclement and to return to the territory controlled by Syrian troops. Injuring three commandos.

For this attack, according to Moscow, directly or indirectly, are the United States. As a source told “Kommersant” in the Ministry of defense, the U.S. intelligence services deliberately or accidentally passed the location of the Russian and Syrian troops terrorists. This is done as stated in the defense Ministry, not to destabilize the situation in Idlib and to influence the situation in another part of the country — in the city of Deir ez-Zor.

In Deir ezzor forces supported by Russia came close to those who support US. From the West to the city in September were able to break the Syrian army with the support of Russia. Areas on the East Bank of the Euphrates controlled by the “Syrian democratic forces” (SDS), with whom there is a United States special forces and the staff of the international coalition.

On September 21, the defense Ministry has noticed that even the US turned the operation to liberate Raqqa, which has allowed SDS to redeploy forces to Deir-ez-Zor. As the Syrian army and the SDS declare their intention to retake the city from ISIS. The Russian defense Ministry calls the Deir ez-Zor “the last stronghold of” terrorists and promises that he will be taken this week.

The Pentagon has already saidthat allegations of involvement in the attack on the Russian military is not baseless. The United States have accused Russia of strikes on the positions of SDS, where there may be international military coalition. Moscow is responsible, that pre-warns US about the impending attacks, which are directed only against ISIL.

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