Romanian Jerusalem. What to see in the Bukovynian town of Radauti

Romanian Jerusalem. What to see in the Bukovynian town of Radauti

Rădăuţi is a city in southern Bukovina on the river Greenhouse — famous monastery, to which pilgrims come for hundreds of years


How to get

From Kiev to the Romanian station “Dornesti” once a week passenger train №117 Kyiv — Bucharest (journey time — 19 hours, ticket price — from UAH 670). From Chernivtsi to Dornesti to go about 6.5 h From Dornesti to Radauti is only 7 km away, you can buy a ticket on the local bus or take a taxi.

To Radauti by car from Chernivtsi is just an hour, it is better to go on the highway E85.

In the old Bukovina town of Radauti, located 23 km from the Ukrainian border and was founded in the year 1393, there is something to see. In the center of the city is pleasing to the eye well-preserved Austro-Hungarian buildings of the XVIII–XIX centuries, and magnificent temples of different faiths.

Be sure to go to the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas, built in the XIV century and became the burial place of the first Moldavian rulers (Radauti in the XIV century was an important center of the nascent Moldova). This temple is part of the ensemble of Orthodox monastery, a wooden Church founded by the ruler of Moldavia, Bogdan I.

Admire the great monumental synagogue, built in 1883, and Jewish neighborhoods that give the city a special flavor. Before the Second world war of the 16 thousand inhabitants of the town, about 10 thousand were Jews, they were destroyed in concentration camps. In 2013 a postage stamp Romania dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the Jewish temple in Radauti.

If we talk about a secular pastime, in the city you can visit the Ethnographic Museum, “Samuel and Eugene Jones”, ceramic workshop “Kolibaba”, listen to a concert of one of the most famous ensembles “Flowers Bukovina” was founded in 1972.

Nature lovers can enjoy in Radauti horse races at the Hippodrome (during the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the local stud farm bred great horses for the Imperial army), walk through the local zoo and the outskirts of the city, a rich fir forests.

In the center of the city is pleasing to the eye well-preserved buildings from Austro-Hungarian times

20 km South of Radauti, in the village of arbor, we recommend you to visit Church family Luke arbor, the chief of the fortress of Suceava built in 1502. Painting exterior walls on subjects from the old and New Testaments have a special artistic value. On one of the frescoes in the judgement scene depicted a group of blasphemers, among which Turks and Tatars.

A little further on, in 33 km from the city Radauti, Putna monastery is located, which is often called the Romanian Jerusalem.

Perhaps Stephen the Great, in whose honor and named the monastery Putna — the most revered Romanian ruler, who ruled the country for 47 years. He won 34 of 36 battles for the independence of Romania and to the memory of each victory was founded a monastery or temple was erected. Putnam became the first monastery.

In the monastery Museum is Worthwhile to see the richest collection of Byzantine sewing and embroidery — the most significant in Central Europe. Among its exhibits is the famous burial veil of the Mangup Mary, wife of Stephen the Great.

The Museum also features artifacts discovered during archaeological excavations and restoration works: the liturgical items, icons, documents, and manuscripts, in particular, the famous four Gospels of humor with a portrait of Stephen the Great.

Where to live


In Radauti you can stay in hotels of category four stars. The price for the room — 1000-2000 UAH per night with Breakfast. The hotel offers three-star accommodation is a bit cheaper — 700-1000 UAH per night without Breakfast or small private hotel — from 600 UAHwithout Breakfast. Well, if you need quite a budget option, suitable and lodging in the hostel — from 560 UAH for accommodation in a double room.

What to see


  • Historical center in Austro-Hungarian style.
  • Railway station, built in 1889.
  • The Bogdana monastery and St. Nicholas Cathedral of the XIV century.
  • The synagogue, built 135 years ago.
  • A family Church in the village of arbor, 10 km away from Radauti.
  • Putna monastery is a Romanian Jerusalem in 33 km from Radauti.

Where to eat


  • Restaurant Orso Bruno 2, Radauti, Svobody street 13. Phone: +40 230-560-008. Average bill: 300 UAH.
  • A restaurant, Casa Vatra, Radauti, str. Gary 9. Phone: +40 746-111-615. Average bill: UAH 140.


Faithful tourists will be interested to visit the monastery of Putna, which is often called the Romanian Jerusalem. For more than 500 years in Putnu believers come not only from Romania but also from neighbouring countries, to pray and to venerate the tomb of St. Stephen the Great, the legendary Governor and Builder of the Romanian state, founded the monastery in 1469.

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