Robots-Segway Nimbo go on patrol

Nimbo – robot patrol and one of the very interesting exhibits of the exhibition CES-2018. Its main feature – tracking and the selection of specific optimized routes. As it turned out, the Segway was in demand not only in entertainment but also in the field of security.

Nimbo presented at CES 2018, in addition to their transport capabilities has artificial intelligence to address security issues.

The base platform Nimbo – Segway technology, which uses a gearbox, motor, battery, and sensors and tracking systems, which indicates a certain autonomy. Take advantage of the advantages of the Segway decided firm Turing Video, which used sensors Real Sense of Intel to create a robot that can ride and also collect HD video on illegal activities.

If the robot “feels” that the surrounding environment is not quite normal, it begins to emit a warning light and sound signals addressed to the security personnel. If necessary, it officer riding a Segway, chasing the offender with a speed of 17 km/h.

Nimbo can be programmed as definite and independent route. The company reported that the robot can be supplied with different settings and applications.

Source — Turing Video

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