Riot Ku Klux Klan: what happened in American Charlottesville

The detention of protesters in Charlottesville (photo – EPA)

In the American town of Charlottesville in Virginia passed a March of the white nationalists, which resulted in massive clashes with their opponents. The state Governor Terence McAuliffe announced the state of emergency in the city also there arrived the military personnel of the National guard. As a result of collisions and intentional hitting of the car on opponents of white nationalists dozens of people were injured and one woman died.
LIGA.net gathered basic facts about the incident.
What clashes

Charlottesville is a small town in Virginia with a population of about 50 thousand people. It is remarkable that here is the University of Virginia with 22 thousands of students, founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819, and Robert E. Lee monument – in-chief of the Confederate army, that is, the slave States in the Civil war 1861-1865.
In April 2017 the city Council voted to dismantle the monument to Lee. A number of organizations, including the organization of descendants of soldiers of the slave South “Sons of veterans-Confederate”, protested the dismantling of the sculptures of Lee and another Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson in court. On may 2, the judge issued a decision on temporary prohibition of dismantling of the monument for six months, until a court decision on the claim.
May 14 the American alternative right, they’re white nationalists or the Suprematists, held a torchlight rally in defense of the monument. As reported by CBS, during the first action in protection of a monument to her Manager Richard Spencer said: “We will not be forced out of this world. White has a future”, and all the participants of the rally chanted “Russia is our friend.”
Spencer became widely known in 2016 thanks to the speech at the meeting of right-wing alternative, whose members met to talk about victory of Donald trump in the election chanting “Heil trump! Our people Heil, Heil victory!” and a Nazi salute. It is also known that the wife of Spencer – Russian citizen Nina Kupriyanova, defended his doctoral thesis in history from the University of Toronto, translated books of Russian Imperial Alexander Dugin, in English.
July 8, 50 members of the racist organization, the Ku Klux Klan from North Carolina state held a protest against the dismantling of the monument, which grew into clashes with more than a thousand of their opponents from among the local residents and students of the University of Virginia, according to CNN.
As events unfolded on Saturday
On Friday evening, August 11, a number of organizations alternative right-wing and racist Vanguard of America, the League of the South, National socialist movement, Ku Klux Klan, Identity Evrope – organized in Charlottesville March in defense of the monument called “unite the Right!”, which was attended by several hundred people. The shares were at Richard Spencer and one of the former leaders of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke. The latest, as reported by Bussinees Insider, said: “We are going to realize the promise of Donald trump. That’s why we voted for Donald trump”.
The marchers passed right alternative with torches through the campus of the University of Virginia, where many students have a negative attitude toward their ideas, and chanted, “don’t expel,” “Jews, we will not supplant”, “white Lives matter”, “Blood and soil”. Around 23:00 local time (6:00 on August 12, Kyiv time) at the statue of Thomas Jefferson, clashes erupted between racists and their opponents. In the course went fists, pepper spray, and handy tools. Police have declared the action illegal and dispersed the protesters.

On the morning of August 12, Virginia Governor Terence McAuliffe introduced in Charlottesville at the request of the police of the state of emergency, but at the time the right alternative, some of which were in helmets, with shields and flags of the slave-owning Confederacy, and their opponents clashed among themselves in the Park Release.

Supporters white nationalists at the monument to General Lee (photos twitter.com/ACLUVA)

The national guard in Charlottesville (photos twitter.com/ACLUVA)

Some time later near the scene of the confrontation between the gray Dodge Challenger at high speed swept to the side of protesters March against the racists and crashed into two cars which at a low speed drove through a crowd of demonstrators. Then the driver of the Dodge took the car back, returning to the street with high speed, dragging the front bumper. Several people chased the car. When the car pulled away, it was visible as red sneakers falls from the bumper. As a result of hitting the car killed 32-year-old woman and 19 people were injured. It also reported 15 wounded in the clashes.

Photo: Ryan M. Kelly/The Daily Progress

Photo: twitter.com/ACLUVA
In addition, shortly after the arrival of the car on demonstrators, a police helicopter flying to reinforce the security forces in Charlottesville, close to the city collided with trees and crashed. Killed two police officers.
What is known about the detainee

Driving a car which has made arrival on the demonstrators, was a native of Ohio, 20-year-old James fields. He was arrested, he was charged with second-degree murder, premeditated wounding, and that he did not stop when the accident that led to death. The mother of the fields told reporters that he went to Charlottesville specifically to take part in a rally in support of Donald trump, and she didn’t know that it will campaign the white Suprematists, reports AP.

Detainee James fields (photo – Charlottesville Regional Jail)
During the campaign, fields was among the supporters of the white supremacist Vanguard of America, which denied his membership in the organization. As reported Buzzfield, the detainee is a registered member of the Republican party, on his page in Facebook discovered memy and images in support of Donald trump, “invincible Bashar al-Assad“, the Nazis of the Third Reich, the swastika, and also a photo where he poses with a car that crashed Saturday into a crowd of demonstrators. Known. in 2015 he was going to go into service in the American army, but it is not clear whether they managed it to him.
Hitting demonstrators and American observers compare with the tactics of the terrorists of the Islamic state, in particular, with the murder of dozens of people truck in nice in July 2016.
It is also reported that three more people will be held accountable for the actions during the clashes – 21-year-old Troy Dunigan – for participating in the riots, 21-year-old Jacob Smith for assault and 44-year-old James O’brien for wearing a gun on the stock.
The reaction of American politicians and criticism of trump

What happened in Charlottesville strongly condemned the local authorities and leading American politicians. At the same time, the statement of the President of trump about events in Charlottesville, describes him as “sad”, provoked criticism.
“We are closely following the terrible events unfolding in Charlottesville, Virginia. We condemn in the strongest terms this outrageous display of hatred, bigotry and violence by many parties,” said trump at a press conference. Later he wrote on Twitter: “We must remember this truth: regardless of our colour, creed, religion or political party, we are all Americans.”

Republican Senator Marco Rubio urged the President to recognize the trump in Charlottesville committed a crime with a terrorist attack by white Suprematists. “It is very important that people heard the President of the United States describes the events in Charlottesville as they are – as a terrorist act of white Suprematists”, – he wrote in Twitter.

John McCain (photo – EPA)
Ally of Rubio’s party Senator John McCain also condemned the crime in Charlottesville: “White Suprematists and neo-Nazis, by definition, oppose American patriotism and ideals that define us as a people and make our nation special. When we mourn the tragedy that took place in Charlottesville, the American patriots of all skin colors and religious beliefs must come together to challenge those who raise the flag of hate and fanaticism.”

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (photos twitter.com/TerryMcAuliffe)

The mayor of Charlottesville, Democrat Michael Sayner called the hitting of the car on the protesters with “domestic terrorism.” The Governor of Virginia, Democrat Terry McAuliffe has accused the visiting white nationalists is that they put in danger the lives of the residents of the city. “I have a message for all the white Suprematists and the Nazis, who arrived today in Charlottesville. Our message is simple. Leave home. You came here to harm people, and you have caused people harm. But we are stronger than you, you made our community stronger, you have not reached success,” he said.


Former Vice President, Democrat Joe Biden wrote on Twitter: “We need to be stronger, more determined and more United than ever. Racism and hatred have no place here”. He commented on the President trump the fault of both sides in the events: “There is only one side”.

Laying flowers at the place of collision of a car into demonstrators. Photo: EPA
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