Response NABOO deputies: Create antiquorum, and don’t kill Bureau

Attempts to limit the independence of the National anti-corruption Bureau, if successful, will lead to irreversible consequences for the fight against corruption in Ukraine. This is stated in the statement of the press service of the Ministry.

“Stress: in the case of the adoption of this bill will be dealt a devastating blow to the independence of anti-corruption bodies and those achievements in the fight against corruption, which they managed to achieve despite the systemic resistance of the ruling elites,” said the Bureau.

Also in the NEB suggested that there is a “strong likelihood” the adoption of this bill in the near future.

The staff of the Bureau are convinced that such attacks on the Agency are “part of a larger plan, which entered the active phase last week.” The main purpose of this plan, says the press service of the Bureau is to destroy NABOO and SAP, the blocking of investigations into top officials and the departure of the top corrupt officials from liability.

“Please note, the law on the NABU has established clear requirements to the control over the activities of the Bureau and its accountability, not possessed by any one law enforcement Agency in Ukraine. Since the establishment of the NEB clearly comply with these requirements and will do so in the future”, – said the Agency.

In summary, the staff of the NEB advised the members “to focus efforts on the early establishment of an independent anti-corruption court and granting the Bureau the right to Autonomous wire”, “if the deputies do care about the future of the country”.

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6 December 2017 head of the faction of the BPP and people’s front has registered the draft law establishing the right of Parliament to Express no confidence in the leadership of the specialized anti-corruption bodies. In addition, the President, according to the document, will be able to dismiss the Director of NABU in the case of an not criminal, and even administrative violations. It was reported that to put the bill to a vote may 7 Dec.

On the night of 7 December revealed that the authors of the controversial initiative went back on their word and not to bring the bill to the agenda.

The authors of the draft law No. 7362 on amendments to some laws of Ukraine on provision of parliamentary control are the head of the BPP Arthur Gerasimov and the head of the faction of the popular front Maxim Bourbaki.

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