Reflections at the main entrance, or Grenades at it not that system

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Life is the best screenwriter and Director. Sometimes she throws journalistic topics, which are not pre-planned.

After the twentieth Congress of the FFU with some colleagues, was standing on the street in front of the Home of football and shared their opinions about the Affairs of our football.

From the building came the Vice-President of UEFA and honorary President of FFU Grigory Surkis, and it immediately went to the correspondent of “2+2” with the operator, after a while they added a similar pair of channels “Football”.

What is the way?

I fell in love with this fellowship, I joined the reportorial fraternity. Frankly speaking, my attention was drawn to THAT will tell Grigory Mikhailovich, but HOW would leaking his dialogue with broadcasters.

Why not WHAT? In my opinion, GMS could hardly tell something new, different from his speech at the Congress. The text voiced from the rostrum of the main Assembly of the football of Ukraine, was, in fact, absolutely informative and reasoned. It was supported by examples from the practice of solving this problem with FIFA, UEFA, FFU and UPL and the reaction of the main international football structures in any challenge to the security of all participants from players to fans in the stadiums. On any challenge, be it nevyezde Ukrainian teams in Russia or the recent events in Dortmund.

In the form of a short statement of GMS lined up clear, elastic, without a single drop of “water”. You can Supplement it was only some new examples, but not arguments. In the meeting room all the arguments have been voiced.

Why not? Because I had an interesting dialogue between the interviewers and their hero. Indeed, the degree of constructivism present much-needed football of Ukraine depends on both parties of the dialogue itself.

A young correspondent of the “Pros” have asked the correct question, which got an equally valid answer. Immediately in the conversation wedged seasoned reporter “Footballs”. His question was obviously provocative, and certainly prepared in advance.

Further, the attention to detail! And not because they, as we all know, the devil, no, I prefer another formula of Chekhov. Anton Pavlovich all clearly explained the meaning of “image,” namely, the image – ability of a small to see large.

So, the subsequent details in “slow show”, or, in the language of football, the TV replay of the moment. Younger than his colleague from a rival channel, the correspondent of “2+2” go silent, perhaps because of common courtesy, and perhaps because of the journalistic solidarity – it allows the hero to answer a colleague’s question. But the hero of the interview simply did not notice that question and very politely drawn to the reporter, “Pros”:
I’m listening to you…

A small retrospective

Note that GMR is not rude to the representative of R. L. Akhmetov’s holding company, did not recall him known “masterpieces of creativity”, from the “cattle”, and completing one of the last chronological “journalistic speech” Alexander Denisov:

“In the Internet appeared rumors that Grigory Surkis wants to return to the leadership in Ukrainian football and the extraordinary electoral Congress in June is going to get the position of Vice President of FFU. Return to the Home of football Grigory Surkis will put an end to that the Ukrainian arbitration is free from any funny business”.

Here too to remember that, firstly, those rumors were not confirmed life rumors. And, secondly, it is, of course, “aerobatics” of a journalist to refer to the rumors.

And another detail from the text in the Studio, VF – about the Ukrainian arbitration, ostensibly playing for the same team – “Dynamo”. Counter-examples – “games for Shakhtar, cited a year ago, and four years ago.

But I do not even know. Join the discussion with such opponents, and to prove it, which benefited the GMS football of Ukraine, means only to stoop to the level of actual opponents.

But one detail concerning the channels “Football”, their creators did not hurt do not forget. It is the holding of EURO 2012 in Ukraine and Poland gave an opportunity to the channels Football to grow professionally in the process of working on the Euro.

Although the journalists of holding “Ukraine” has not publicly denied that Surkis was the initiator, ideologist and the “main engine” of the campaign to “plant” Euro to us, but, of course, such recognition you will not hear from Denisov and his staff. However, I am sure that in such gratitude to the Vice-President of UEFA and not needed.

Forward, to today!

Back from the historical narratives to this very detail, it laid down a very interesting puzzle to detail, which recalled the title of the poem Nekrasov “Meditation at the main entrance”.

Experienced reporter “Soccer” a couple of times wedged into the dialogue colleagues from the “Pros” and likewise was not seen as a hero. Such a demonstrative, but very correct neglect.

Recent own experience, I remember the following: a few months ago, the FFU Centre for licensing invited me to chat with budding coaches in the recent past, famous players (there were now facing the players on the field), and to show them a lesson in Press Relations. Mind you, not in Public Relations (public relations), and its key component – relationship with the press. With what our football is only now beginning to show due consideration.

There was not a boring lecture, but a very lively dialogue that is very interested and the Novel Sanjar, and Alexander Babich and others. Due to the activity of listeners we’re together pretty thoroughly dismantled the five psychological types of coaches in their communication with the media, as well as six psychological types of journalists. What do you need? Elementary, My Dear Watson. If you are informed, it is already armed. Going to talk to the media prepared from one of them to wait.

Don’t know whether communicated before Hryhoriy Surkis with the specialists of Press Relations, or played the role of his life experience, but in those moments he clearly used one of the technologies recommended by the professionals of this direction of PR is polite, “soft” ignoring provocations.

The finale of this short scene was predictable. A seasoned reporter, and “Footballs”, having understood that here to catch fish in muddy water, and departed before the end of the conversation.

Predictable and continued: neither the issue of “Football NEWS” from 16.06.2017 year at 15:40, nor any further news on the “Football 1” at 22:30 dialogue with G. Surkis with this “location shooting” was not broadcast, although channel camera does not turn off even for a moment.

All of these details reminded me of a short (under two minutes), but very revealing episode from the immortal movie “White sun of the desert”, an episode with a great actor Pavel Luspekaev, who at one time worked in Kiev, in the Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka, was a close friend of another luminary of stage and screen Oleg Borisov. They are both rooting for “Dynamo” and became friends then with young Valeriy Lobanovskiy and Oleg Bazilevich.

But why to talk about it, better see for yourself this episode. Themselves and rate the similarity of the situations:

Simon SLUCHEVSKY, “Football club”

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